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Cartoon > Steve Bell 2004       steve.bell@guardian.co.uk        The Guardian        17.11.2004







Marines defend soldier's killing of Iraqi

Gary Younge in New York and Brian Whitaker        The Guardian        Wednesday November 17, 2004



Photo > A video grab by television pool shot by U.S. Network NBC shows a U.S. Marine pointing
his assault rifle at a wounded insurgent inside a mosque just before a gunfire was heard in Falluja.
A television pool report by U.S. network NBC said on Monday that a U.S. Marine had shot dead
an unarmed and wounded Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in Falluja. REUTERS/REUTERS TV POOL.
Probe into Marine shooting unarmed Iraqi, R, Tue 16 November, 2004 02:19







(...) Then I hear him say this about one of the men:

"He's fucking faking he's dead - he's faking he's fucking dead."

Through my viewfinder I can see him raise the muzzle of his rifle
in the direction of the wounded Iraqi.
There are no sudden movements, no reaching or lunging.

However, the marine could legitimately believe
the man poses some kind of danger.
Maybe he's going to cover him while another marine searches for weapons.

Instead, he pulls the trigger.
There is a small splatter against the back wall and the man's leg slumps down.

"Well he's dead now," says another marine in the background.

'Something was not right'
Cameraman tells Falluja marines why he broadcast controversial shooting
The Guardian        Tuesday November 23, 2004






















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