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Lady Jane Grey (?)        1537 - 1554


The possible depiction of Lady Jane Grey, above,

hung undiscovered for years in a house in Streatham.




Lady Jane Grey

was the granddaughter of Henry VIII’s youngest sister, Mary.

A ferociously intelligent young woman,

she was brought up in the piously Protestant circle

of Katherine Parr, Henry’s sixth wife.

After Henry VIII died in 1547,

his son Edward VI, aged eight, succeeded to the throne.

The Duke of Northumberland, Lord Protector,

induced the ultra-Protestant Edward to name Jane his successor.

But on the death of the young Edward in 1553,

the Catholic Mary proclaimed herself rightful queen

under the terms of Henry’s will, bringing Jane’s nine-day rule to an end.

Jane was beheaded in the Tower the following year.

Is this the true face of Lady Jane?

Painting found in Streatham house

could be the only contemporary portrait of the nine-day queen


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