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Ralph Morse’s inventively captured images

peppered the glossy pages of Life and Time magazines

during a 50-year career as a photojournalist.


Some photographers are known for a single image;

Mr. Morse’s classics could fill entire albums.


“If Life could afford only one photographer,”

said George P. Hunt,

who was the magazine’s

managing editor in the 1960s,

“it would have to be Ralph Morse.”


Mr. Morse is seen here in 1940,

riding a bicycle with a camera around his neck

and a basket full of flashbulbs.



Life Magazine/The LIFE Picture Collection, via Getty Images


Ralph Morse, Life Photographer, Is Dead at 97

By SAM ROBERTS        NYT        JAN. 23, 2015















Ralph Theodore Morse    1917-2015


for nearly 50 years as a photojournalist,

his vivid, inventively captured images

of major world events

peppered the glossy pages

of Life and Time magazines.


He was behind the camera

for the D-Day landings,

the German surrender the next year,

Babe Ruth’s farewell at Yankee Stadium

and the groundwork

on the earliest American

missions into space.


He shadowed

the Mercury 7 team so doggedly

that John Glenn called him

the “eighth astronaut.”














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