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Arts > Photographers > 20th, 21st century > USA > Lida Moser    1920-2014




The New York skyline from the Long Island Expressway, circa 1970.


Lida Moser


Courtesy Alida Anderson Art Projects


Lida Moser, Photographer With an Urban Eye, Dies at 93

By DANIEL E. SLOTNIK        NYT        SEPT. 2, 2014
















Lida Moser 1920-2014


Lida Moser (' s)

genre-spanning photographs

appeared in magazines like Look,

Esquire and Vogue

during their heyday

in the 1950s and 60s




In the late 1940s

Ms. Moser became

a member of the Photo League,

a loose-knit cooperative

of photographers,

including Berenice Abbott

and Weegee

(the pseudonym of Arthur Fellig),

dedicated to capturing

the reality of life in New York.


Ms. Moser excelled

at photojournalism

at a time when women

were a rarity in the field.


Vogue sent her to Britain

to photograph artists

and writers in 1949,

and then to Quebec in 1950

to capture life in its rural towns.














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