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Arts > Photographers > 20th, 21st century > USA > Fred Baldwin




Don Edwards.

Near Savannah River. 1967.


Phottograph: Fred Baldwin


At 90,

Photographer Fred Baldwin

Still Has ‘So Much Work Left to Do’

Having documented Sami herders

and the civil rights movement,

and having just published a memoir,

the photographer says

his life’s work is far from complete.


May 29, 2019



















Ku Klux Klan, Reidsville, Georgia, 1966


A car being decorated for a Knights of the KKK meeting. Baldwin recalls:

‘Driving through rural Georgia in 1966 I found, to my amazement,

cars being decorated to go to a Knights of the Ku Klux Klan meeting.

I stopped, overcame my fear,

and got permission to follow them to the meeting

and a cross rising on the steps of the County Courthouse in Reidsville, Georgia,

where I completed the photography that night.’


Picasso, Afghanistan and me: the wild adventures of Fred Baldwin – in pictures

A new photographic memoir takes in Arctic fishing trips, civil rights marches

… and a terrifying night spent with the far right


Tue 31 Aug 2021    07.00 BST

















Fred Baldwin
















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