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Arts > Photographers > USA > Fred Baldwin    1929-2021




Mr. Baldwin and Ms. Watriss in their shared darkroom

in Houston in the early 1980s.


Each photo they took carried both of their credits.


Photograph: no credit


Frederick Baldwin, Whose Photography Told Stories, Dies at 92

He saw the camera as “a passport to the world”

that helped him document nature,

the civil rights movement and life in rural America.


Dec. 22, 2021




















Don Edwards.

Near Savannah River. 1967.


Phottograph: Fred Baldwin


At 90,

Photographer Fred Baldwin

Still Has ‘So Much Work Left to Do’

Having documented Sami herders

and the civil rights movement,

and having just published a memoir,

the photographer says

his life’s work is far from complete.


May 29, 2019



















Ku Klux Klan, Reidsville, Georgia, 1966


A car being decorated for a Knights of the KKK meeting. Baldwin recalls:

‘Driving through rural Georgia in 1966 I found, to my amazement,

cars being decorated to go to a Knights of the Ku Klux Klan meeting.

I stopped, overcame my fear,

and got permission to follow them to the meeting

and a cross rising on the steps of the County Courthouse in Reidsville, Georgia,

where I completed the photography that night.’


Picasso, Afghanistan and me: the wild adventures of Fred Baldwin – in pictures

A new photographic memoir takes in Arctic fishing trips, civil rights marches

… and a terrifying night spent with the far right


Tue 31 Aug 2021    07.00 BST

















Frederick Colburn Baldwin / Fred Baldwin    1929-2021



who documented wildlife,

the civil rights movement

and American poverty

and helped promote

fellow photographers

from Latin America, Africa

and Asia




Mr. Baldwin displayed

extraordinary physical courage

as a photographer

and a deep empathy

that allowed him

to get inside

the lives of the people

he documented.


He carried a camera

while serving

as a Marine rifleman

in the Korean War,

received two Purple Hearts

and survived

the brutal 17-day

Battle of Chosin Reservoir

in 1950.


His unit was photographed

by David Douglas Duncan

of Life magazine,

which influenced Mr. Baldwin

in his career path.


In the 1950s and early ’60s,

he photographed

Sami reindeer herders

in Sweden and Norway,

polar bears near the North Pole

and marlin in the waters off Mexico

for Sports Illustrated,

Esquire and National Geographic.





















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