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Nurse Ora Bouie and a doctor

at Tufts-Delta Health Clinic,

Mound Bayou, Mississippi, 1968


Derby says: ‘In 1965,

the TDHC was established

in the all-black town of Mound Bayou.


Medical facilities were segregated,

so black people received

very inferior medical treatment,

if any.


Many died waiting for service.


Led by Dr Jack Geiger,

doctors applied for and received a large government grant

in the mid-1960s to expand the Mound Bayou facilities.


They hired more black physicians and nurses

and provided home care.


They established classes for adults

in math, literacy, handcrafts and nutrition.’


Through the lens of civil rights photographer Doris Derby – in pictures

The activist, photographer and former academic Doris Derby

lived and worked in the southern US at the height of the civil rights era.

Her images capture not the protests of the 60s

but the everyday realities of black lives at that time.

Here she talks us through some of her photographs


Sat 1 Feb 2020    16.00 GMT



















Rural family, Mileston, Mississippi, 1968

‘Often, older children had to look after younger children

while their parents worked.’


‘Now is a continuation of then’: America’s civil rights era – in pictures

Doris Derby is a documentary photographer, activist and professor

who captured the people at the frontline of the struggle for racial equality

in 1960s and 1970s America


Thu 28 Oct 2021    07.00 BST


















Doris Derby
















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