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Arts > Photography > Conflict / War photographers > 20th, 21st century > Henri Huet    FR    1927-1971




US paratroopers of the 2nd Battalion,

173rd Airborne Brigade,

hold their automatic weapons above water

as they cross a river in the rain

during a search for Vietcong positions

in the jungle area of Ben Cat

on 25 September 1965.


The paratroopers had been combing the area

for 12 days with no enemy contact


Photograph: Henri Huet/AP


Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures


Wednesday 22 April 2015        11.13 BST



















Bodies of US paratroopers lie near a command post

during the battle of An Ninh, 18 September 1965.


The paratroopers,

of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division,

were hit by heavy fire from guerrillas

that began as soon

as the first elements of the unit landed.


The dead and wounded

were later evacuated to An Khe,

where the 101st was based.


The battle was one of the first of the war

between major units of US forces and the Vietcong


Photograph: Henri Huet/AP


Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures


Wednesday 22 April 2015        11.13 BST
















Henri Huet    FR    1927-1971


Les photos

d'Henri Huet

sont sans fard :

elles montrent

des soldats

en difficulté,

des blessés graves

qui n'en ont plus

pour longtemps,

des cadavres

qui attendent

d'être rapatriés

dans des sacs.


Dans sa photo

la plus célèbre,

publiée en couverture

de Life en 1966,

un docteur tente

de soigner un soldat

alors qu'il est lui-même

sérieusement blessé.






The Vietnam war

remembered in pictures – review        15 March 2011


Tribute to Henri Huet

and the photographers

who risked all

to capture images

of Vietnam conflict

opens at Maison Européenne

de la Photographie, Paris






Even during a war

that produced some

of the most iconic moments

in photojournalism,

Henri Huet’s

images of Vietnam

distinguish themselves

as particularly

artistic and moving.


Unlike most

war photographers,

Huet was a native of the land

he was photographing,

the son of a French engineer

and Vietnamese mother.


Shooting for

the Associated Press,

he captured an image

of a badly wounded

American medic

continuing to tend

to other injured soldiers

that landed on the cover

of Life magazine

and won him

the Robert Capa

Gold Medal.


Like Capa,

the famed chronicler of battle,

Huet died

in the line of duty:

he was shot down

over Laos in 1971,

at the age of 43.





















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