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Vocapedia > English vocabulary / words > USA > Immigration


warning: graphic



immigration > causes



immigration, migration, migrants



illegal immigration > migrants > border



illegal immigration > migrants > border >

Rio Grande



illegal immigration >

family separation - 2018



illegal immigration >

unaccompanied child migrants



illegal immigration >

Southern border wall, Trump's border wall



illegal immigration >

smugglers, human smuggling / trafficking



illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants



illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants >




illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants >




illegal immigration, undocumented immigrants >

detention, deportation



illegal immigration > sanctuary



asylum seekers



immigration > hyphen nation, melting pot, citizenship










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farming > farmworkers



White House > President > Executive orders



immigration > UK



slavery, eugenics,

race relations, racism, civil rights,




conflicts, wars, climate > civilians > migrants, refugees



frustration, anger, hate



language > countries > America, USA > iconic words






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Central America, Mexico, USA > Immigration






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USA > late 19th, early 20th century

Immigration > Ellis Island






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Immigration and Relocation in U.S. History


The history of the United States

has always been shaped by peoples and communities

who came to its shores or moved within its borders.


Some sought a better life, some fled oppression,

and some were moved against their will.


This presentation uses Library of Congress primary sources

to explore moments and experiences from several of these communities.






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