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grammaire anglaise > adjectifs


adjectif au comparatif d'égalité


as + adjectif + as


Protection For The Steel Industry

Is As Old As America




expressions idiomatiques en

as + adjectif + as


Mysterious Viruses as Bad as They Get















Mysterious Viruses as Bad as They Get


UÍGE, Angola, April 19 - Traditional healers here say their grandmothers knew of a bleeding disease similar to the current epidemic of hemorrhagic fever that has killed 244 of the 266 people who have contracted it. The grandmothers even had a treatment for the sickness, the healers told Dr. Boris I. Pavlin of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the remedy has been lost. The old disease was called kifumbe, the word in the Kikongo language for murder.

But kifumbe did not seem to be contagious. And so, Dr. Pavlin said, though he did not doubt it was real, it was probably not the same as the disease in Uíge today. The current disease, caused by the Marburg virus, is contagious. Like the Ebola virus, to which it is closely related, it is spread by bodily fluids like blood, vomit and saliva.

Mysterious Viruses as Bad as They Get, NYT, 26.4.2005,






A secret memo by Alastair Campbell

reveals that Labour believes

it has as good as won the election,

thanks to 'nasty' Michael Howard

'We're home and dry', Times, web frontpage sub, 26.4.2005, full text







Abortion as bad as Nazi eugenics


Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has said

Britain's policy on abortion is similar to

Nazi Germany's eugenics experiments and killings.

Headline and §1, I, 28.3.2005,






Joe Dawes only looks as big as a house.

In reality he is far larger,

and well capable of stopping a bus or a tank

should he choose.

Dawes' late double strike thwarts Kent's confident advance,
I, p. 29, 15.5.2003.










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