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grammaire anglaise > adjectifs


adjectif + topréposition + N


paradigme restreint,


information prévisible



plead guilty topréposition








the four murders


a misdemeanor...





paradigme ouvert / fiction du jamais-dit


toviseur -> Base Verbale






Man pleads guilty to four murders


A former binman pleaded guilty today

to murdering twin sisters

and an elderly couple

as it was revealed he had made lists of other people

who police believe he may have been planning to kill.

Mark Hobson, 35, of Selby, North Yorkshire,

pleaded guilty at Leeds crown court

to killing his girlfriend Claire Sanderson,

her twin sister, Diane,

and pensioners James and Joan Britton.

Headline and §1,
18.4.2005, headline and first §§,






Navy's new message:

your country needs you,

especially if you are gay


Admirals shed centuries of repression with pink press adverts

It is a liaison that would once have turned many military top brass purple with rage. Five years after the ban on homosexuality in the armed forces was lifted, the Royal Navy is entering into a partnership with Stonewall and actively seeking gay recruits by advertising in the pink press.
Subject to smutty innuendo ever since Churchill supposedly dismissed Britain's naval tradition as "nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash", the navy will today cast off centuries of repression and inhibition by seeking Stonewall's advice on the recruitment and retention of gay and lesbian sailors. In a transformation likened by activists to turning round a supertanker, the navy will pay the pressure group for advice on curbing prejudice and ensuring gay personnel have equal rights to housing, benefits and pensions.

Despite the persistent swirl of sexual rumour around some of Britain's most celebrated war heroes, homosexuality remained the last taboo in the armed forces until 2000, when the government was forced by the European court of human rights to withdraw its ban on homosexuality in the military. Then, Stonewall was the sworn enemy of many admirals and air marshals for taking the case of sacked gay servicemen to the European courts. Openly gay soldiers and sailors have since seen active service in Iraq, but relatively few of the estimated 2,100 gay and lesbian sailors have felt sufficiently relaxed to come out since the ban was lifted. A spokesman for the navy accepted that pockets of prejudice remained and that there was "room for improvement" but said it was "committed to establishing a culture and climate where people can discuss their sexual orientation without risk of abuse or intimidation".

Navy's new message: your country needs you, especially if you are gay,
headline, sub and first §§, 21.2.2005,






Julia Phillips


Despite success as the first Oscar-winning woman producer, her career collapsed in drink and drugs


The film producer and writer Julia Phillips, who has died of cancer aged 57, was the first woman to receive an Oscar for best picture - an award she shared for producing The Sting (1973) with her husband Michael, and former actor Tony Bill. This was one of several enormously successful films with which she was associated, including Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1976) and Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977).

Nearly 30 years after the event, Phillips' breakthrough may seem a modest achievement, but she was, in fact, one of the very few women to break into the upper echelons of movie-making in a town created by tough studio bosses, all of whom were ruthless and chauvinistic. Figures such as Ida Lupino, who had earlier emerged as a producer-director, were rare, and were usually relegated to modest budgeted movies.

Sadly, despite her triumphs, Phillips became increasingly addicted to drugs and alcohol. They ruined her credibility in Hollywood and, when she found herself an outcast, she took belated revenge by writing two memoirs, the first of which, You'll Never Eat Lunch In This Town (1991), contained some of the most vicious comments ever published about tinseltown.

Julia Phillips: Despite success as the first Oscar-winning woman producer, her career collapsed in drink and drugs,
G, 4.1.2002,






Bush leads tributes to comic


President Bush extended his prayers to Hope's family

US President George Bush has led tributes

from around the world

to entertainer Bob Hope, who has died aged 100


President Bush said the US was mourning

the loss of "a good man".

He said thousands of American troops

from different generations

had been entertained by Hope.

"Bob Hope made us laugh and he lifted our spirits,"

Mr Bush said.


"Bob Hope dedicated himself so much to entertaining

and to being part of the world of entertainment

that it would be difficult for anyone to come close to him,"

he said.

"His life was dedicated to making people laugh

and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday, 28 July, 2003, 17:39 GMT 18:39 UK,
BBC, headline, subs and §§,








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adjectif / adverbe + topréposition (reprise) + N



adjectif + topréposition (reprise) + N



toviseur -> Base Verbale : la fiction du jamais dit



glossaire > anaphore




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