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grammaire anglaise > groupe nominal > Nindénombrable




garbage, luggage, evidence, damage, news...






indénombrable / équivalent dénombrable




The Guardian        Weekend        p. 112        26.11.2005

















The Guardian        p. 10        19.5.2005















Evidence Points to Methodical Planning


January 10, 2011
The New York Times


TUCSON — As President Obama led the nation

in a moment of silence Monday, Jared L. Loughner,

a troubled 22-year-old college dropout,

was set to appear before a magistrate judge in Phoenix

to face federal charges in connection

with a shooting rampage

on Saturday morning that left six people dead

and 14 wounded, including a member of Congress.

Evidence seized from Mr. Loughner’s home,

about five miles from the shooting,

indicated that he had planned to kill

Representative Gabrielle Giffords,

Democrat of Arizona, according to documents filed

in Federal District Court in Phoenix.


Evidence Points to Methodical Planning, NYT, 10.1.2011,






About Your Premiums


September 24, 2010
The New York Times



The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the average premium increase to pay for the new benefits should be about 1 percent to 2 percent, roughly consistent with an independent evaluation by the Urban Institute. If those estimates are optimistic, they are unlikely to be off by much. A Wall Street Journal analysis found insurers in various states seeking increases of 1 percent to 9 percent to pay for the new requirements and often even more to cover rising medical costs.

Some of the largest health insurers created a stir this week when they announced that they will no longer issue new child-only policies to people who buy their own policies. They were worried that, with no immediate mandate that every child carry insurance, parents would hang back until their children got sick.

It is disappointing but less draconian than it seems.

The market for child-only policies is small, and such children can still be covered through family policies, public programs for low-income people and new high-risk pools. The problem should disappear in 2014 when everyone will be required to carry insurance.

Not all the news about the insurers is bad. As Reed Abelson reported in The Times on Thursday, some companies are preparing to meet the challenge of reform by upgrading information technology systems, training employees and reducing overhead costs. Of course, the critics of health care reform aren’t mentioning that either.

About Your Premiums, NYT, 24.9.2010,






£100,000 reward for Osbourne gems


Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon today

offered a £100,000 reward for the return

of jewellery that was stolen during a break-in

at their home.

Ms Osbourne stressed that,

while the family were wealthy

enough to replace the items taken,

their sentimental value made them irreplaceable.

She added that she and Osbourne,

the former Black Sabbath frontman,

had "worked our arses off" to pay for the jewels,

valued at around £2m.

At a press conference in a local hotel,

the couple spoke of their distress

and gave a full list of the items taken,

including Ms Osbourne's wedding rings,

in the burglary at their Buckinghamshire house


£100,000 reward for Osbourne gems, G, 23.11.2004,






Rescue workers were searching the rubble

of a collapsed building in this historic town

after a strong earthquake killed two people

and rocked California from San Francisco

to Los Angeles.

Two Killed in Strong California Earthquake, R, 23.12.2003,






The good news is that in 1995 we will have

a good operating system and programming language;

the bad news is that they will be Unix and C++.

docs/articles/good-news/subsection3.2.1.html - broken link






The damage is expected to run

into tens of millions of pounds.

Thousands flee as fire guts Center Parcs complex,
T, p. 5, 5.4.2003.










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