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And where is your staff?

I'd like to meet them,too!

Rex Morgan        Woody Wilson and Graham Nolan

Created by Nicholas P. Dallis        21.10.2004
















To do this, we need committed, dedicated staff

who are prepared to embrace the challenges,

take the rough with the smooth, the highs and the lows,

help us to deliver the standards of policing

that we all deserve,

and to do all this with a smile.

'We need a committed,
dedicated staff to embrace these challenges',
I, Police, p. III, 16.9.2003.






One aircraft is due in from New York

- its most famous destination.

Another will have left Heathrow

and broken the sound barrier

over the Bay of Biscay before returning home.

The third, on the final leg of a UK tour,

is to arrive from Edinburgh.

On board the New York flight VIPs will mix with those

who have paid to be among

the final few supersonic travellers.

The other two aircraft are to carry

the winners of a competition

British Airways has been running from its website.

Most of us, though, will simply look up

and think about what might have been.

As sun sets on Concorde, the super-rich go private:
150,000 to witness Heathrow farewell of supersonic giant,






A series of scandals have shaken the reputation

of with-profits funds, once the cornerstone

for small investors, writes Jill Insley

Steady rock starts to crumble,










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