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pluriel distributif


More than a million people have lost their homes





pluriel non distributif


they neglected to tell their election board






As Homes Are Lost,

Fears That Votes Will Be, Too


September 25, 2008

The New York Times



More than a million people have lost their homes

[ pluriel distributif en -s ]


through foreclosure in the last two years,

and many of them are still registered to vote

at the address of the home they lost.

Now election officials and voting rights groups

are struggling to prevent thousands of them

from losing their vote

[ pluriel non distributif ]


when they go to the polls in November.

Many of these voters will be disqualified at the polls

because, in the tumult of their foreclosure,

they neglected to tell their election board

[ pluriel non distributif ]


of their new address.

Some could be forced to vote with a provisional ballot

or challenged by partisan poll watchers,

a particular concern among Democrats

who fear that poor voters will be singled out.

That could add confusion and stretch out lines

that are already expected to be

long because of unprecedented turnout.

Federal election officials say they are concerned

that voters are not being properly informed

of how to update their addresses.

[ pluriel distributif en -es ]


“Our biggest concern is that many of these voters

will stay home or that poll workers will give


said Rosemary E. Rodriguez, the chairwoman

of the federal Election Assistance

Commission, which oversees voting.

Todd Haupt, a home builder, lost his home

in Josephville, Mo., to foreclosure last year,

and said he had since become much more interested

in politics.

But asked whether he had remembered to update

his voter registration information

when he moved into his parents’ home

in St. Charles, Mo., Mr. Haupt, 33, paused silently.

“Is that required?” he said. “I had no idea.”

As Homes Are Lost, Fears That Votes Will Be, Too,










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