Les anglonautes



grammaire anglaise > groupe nominal > syntaxe et sens


N + of + N        ≠        Ngénitif




N + of + N


The power of speech

















Nsingulier au génitif en 's


His dad's eyes















Nsingulier au génitif avec apostrophe seule


Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol
















N + of + N


The untold story of children forced to see their abusive fathers



Illustration: Laura Carlin

The Guardian        G2        p. 1        8.5.2006


The sins of the fathers


Young children dragged kicking and screaming

to visit their abusive fathers and mothers

threatened with prison if they don't comply ...


It's a world away from the image of wronged dads

that the campaign group Fathers4Justice

implanted in the public mind.


Yet, as Decca Aitkenhead discovers,

it's the harrowing reality for many families

riven by violence or sexual abuse


The Guardian        G2        Monday May 8, 2006


















Illustration: Laura Carlin

The Guardian        G2        pp. 6-7        8.5.2006


The sins of the fathers


Young children dragged kicking and screaming

to visit their abusive fathers and mothers

threatened with prison if they don't comply ...


It's a world away from the image of wronged dads

that the campaign group Fathers4Justice

implanted in the public mind.

Yet, as Decca Aitkenhead discovers,

it's the harrowing reality for many families

riven by violence or sexual abuse


The Guardian        G2        Monday May 8, 2006


































The death of innocence


It is almost a year since 16-year-old Mary Ann Leneghan

was viciously murdered in a Reading park.


Today six men face sentencing for the crime.


But how did Mary Ann become involved with such dangerous men?


Sandra Laville reports

Friday April 28, 2006        pp. 12-13        The Guardian        G2
























































































































The Guardian        p. 5        6.6.2006
















North America Edition        Dec 24th 2005


































Mike Thompson

Detroit, Michigan        The Detroit Free Press        Cagle


































The Guardian        Film & Music        p. 10       14.10.2005

















The Guardian        p. 5        1.10.2005















The Guardian        p. 3        26.10.2005
















The Guardian        G2        p. 6        2.12.2005
















The Guardian        Film and Music        p. 2        2.12.2005
















The Guardian        Work        p. 12        18.2.2006















[GN + of + GN + of + GN]



The Guardian        Film & Music        p. 14        23.12.2005














[GN + 'S + GN]            [GN + 'S + Ø]



The Guardian        p. 24        24.1.2005















The Guardian        Weekend        p. 50        8.4.2006






























The Guardian        Sport        p. 2        22.12.2005
















The Guardian        p. 14        20.3.2006











































The Guardian        Film & Music        p. 11        14.10.2005
















The Guardian        G2        p. 6        31.10.2005
















NoW        11.12.2005
















NoW        web frontpage        18.9.2005
















The Guardian        Society        p. 16        21.12.2005
















The Guardian        Film        p. 5        17.2.2006





























[GN + of + GN + 'S + GN]




The Guardian        p. 2        10.3.2006






























Paula, Donna, Catherine and Gemma McCartney

at the site of their brother's murder


We won't give up fight for justice, say sisters

With no breakthrough

in the hunt for the killers of Robert McCartney,

hundreds defy threats to turn out in Belfast for vigil

The Guardian        p. 8        18.4.2005
















[GN +  's]   /   [GN '  + Ø]



The Guardian        p. 19        22.2.2005















S avec apostrophe et collé au nom



The Guardian        p. 20        10.11.2005















S sans apostrophe et collé au nom



Now frontpage        1.5.2005


EXCLUSIVE: News of the World reveals Becks mystery sex text girl

Mystery text girl is Esther

By James Orr

SUPERMODEL Esther Canadas was the mystery beauty

who received the sexy text message nanny Abbie Gibson

found on David Beckham's phone,

the News of the World can reveal today.
















The Guardian        p. 14        10.11.2005

















The Guardian        p. 20        15.4.2005

FSA may look at Woolies share dive:

Stock slumps 25% following Apax's decision to drop bid
















's / of  en série



GNP +  '  + GNS / GNP



GN +  's  + GN +  's  + GN



GN + of + GN +  's  + GN +  's  + GN








[ GN + 's + GN of GN ]





The Guardian        p. 1        3.11.2005


Blair's day of calamity: exit Blunkett then a retreat on terror

· Minister's late entries to MPs' register revealed

· Plan to detain suspects for 90 days dropped

Michael White and Ian Cobain        The Guardian        Thursday November 3, 2005


















NoW        22.5.2005















[ GN + 's + GN ...GN of GN ]




The Guardian Review        p. 40        7.5.2005















nom propre singulier en S > +  'S




Loomus        Steven Appleby        The Guardian        Family        p. 2        12.11.2005















anglais familier > nom propre singulier en S


Dickens', Elvis', Fawkes'

marque du génitif réduite à l'apostrophe



The Guardian        G2        p. 20        16.11.2005















GN pluriel régulier > +  '

The Blairs' house




GN pluriel irrégulier > +  's

children's publishers















GN +  's + GN    /    GN + of + GN


Séquence discursive

présentée comme marquée d'un sceau ('s),

mise en scène comme validée

car répétée x fois,

déjà énoncée, déjà connue,

segment figé,

inscrit dans un continuum énonciatif.



ne remet pas en question

GN +  's + GN.





Titre de la photographie ci-dessous :

en 2005,

America's dead

n'est une information pour personne,

à l'inverse de 'The art of war'.


Les lecteurs savent

que les guerres en Irak et en Afghanistan

font des morts,

par contre on ne sait pas forcément

que des peintres traitent ce sujet.




The Guardian        p. 28        23.3.2005


















The Times        8.4.2005



































The Guardian        p. 23        7.3.2005


















North America Edition        Apr 9th 2005
















En anglais familier,

l'apostrophe disparaît souvent.


Absente du chapô

de la Une ci-dessous,

elle réapparaît

dans le corps de l'article :




Princess' rock rejects allegation by a senior French police source

hat she was pregnant when she died in a car crash in Paris...

DIANA’S butler Paul Burrell yesterday denounced as “monstrous”

new claims by a senior French police source

that she was pregnant when she died.

The official alleges there was a “cover-up of sorts”

to prevent embarrassment for the princess’s family.

But Burrell says Diana was not pregnant

when she was killed in a Paris car crash with boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed.

Mr Burrell, her “rock”, added: “It is a monstrous suggestion,

more tiresome speculation.”

    Burrell slams 'monstrous' Diana pregnant claim, M, 22.12.2003,






Nasa's shot at comet's secrets


Nasa scientists are preparing the ultimate Independence Day firework

- a copper missile shot into the heart of a giant comet.

After a voyage of more than six months and 268m miles,

the Deep Impact spacecraft will intercept

the 2.5-mile wide (4km) Tempel-1 comet travelling at 23,000mph

and fire a one-metre copper projectile into it.

Astronomers hope the explosive encounter on July 4

will smash a hole in the comet's icy exterior and show what lies inside.

    Headline and first §§, 11.6.2005,






Minute's silence

to mark global death toll of hunger


As ministers step up pressure on the US to wipe out

Africa's crippling debt burden,

Geldof prepares to unveil U2 and Coldplayas Live 8 headliners


The government is to back a national minute's silence

to remember the world's poor ahead of the crucial G8 Summit in July.

The symbolic gesture is planned to illustrate the huge British support for plans

to alleviate Africa's poverty and will be watched by the world's largest

televised audience as part of the Live 8 concert on 2 July.

    Headline, sub and first §§, O, 29.5.2005,






Dirty, mice-infested cells, high levels of self-harm,

and widespread bullying over drugs and medications

were just some of the damning findings of a report yesterday into conditions

at Holloway, Britain's largest women's prison.

[ women est un pluriel irrégulier, sans la marque du pluriel régulier "s"]

    10 years on, Holloway is still failing inmates:
    Decade after inspector left in disgust, report tells of filth, §1, G, 30.3.2005,






A Family's Battle

Brings Life's End Into Discussion


WASHINGTON, March 19 -

Congressional leaders reached a compromise Saturday

on legislation to force the case of Terri Schiavo into federal court,

an extraordinary intervention intended to prolong the life

of the brain-damaged woman whose condition

has reignited a painful national debate over

when medical treatment should be withdrawn.

    Headline and §1, NYT, 20.3.2005,






Mums' tears

as killers are found guilty

The mothers of two innocent teenage girls shot dead in a drive-by gangland attack at a New Year's party wept in court as they saw their daughters' killers found guilty of murder.

College students Charlene Ellis, 18, and Letisha Shakespeare, 17, were killed when a semi-automatic sub-machine gun was fired from a slow-moving car outside the Uniseven hair salon, in Aston, Birmingham.

Charlene's twin sister, Sophia, their friend Cheryl Shaw, and another party-goer, Leon Harris, were also injured in the shootings, which happened in the early hours of January 2, 2003.

    Headline and first §§, PA, 20.3.2005.






Saturn's first probe

to land 'with a thump or a squelch'


Space engineers sent Europe's Huygens probe sweeping towards Saturn's largest moon, Titan, yesterday. Officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said they had received a signal confirming that the barbe cue-sized robot craft had separated from its mother ship, the American-built spaceship Cassini.

Huygens, which is bristling with British-built instruments and detectors, will take 20 days to reach Titan, the only moon in the solar system with an atmosphere. Scientists believe conditions on Titan are similar to those on Earth before life evolved, billions of years ago.

On 14 January, Huygens will enter Titan's thick atmosphere of nitrogen and methane and descend by parachute towards the moon's surface, relaying its data to Cassini above.

    Saturn's first probe to land 'with a thump or a squelch', O, 26.12.2004,






Charles' world

Prince Charles' views on 'social utopianism'

have caused controversy.


But it's hardly the first subject that the heir to the throne

has offered opinions on. Stephen Moss trawls the archives

    Headline and sub, G, 19.11.2004,






Lloyd's of London

Insuring for the future?


Lloyd's is trying to make its business practices

as sleek as its building.

But will that be at the expense of the characteristics

that make the market so distinctive?

    Headline and sub, E, 16.9.2004,






Security and the fight against crime

were the main themes of today's Queen's speech,

which was attacked by government critics

as adding to a climate of fear.

    'British FBI' to tackle serious crime, G, 23.11.2004,






What are three separate children's publishers thinking of, peddling this grubby book, which demeans both young women and young men? It will prove as effective a form of sexual bullying as any hardcore porno mag passed round. And, make no mistake, the publishers may slap a warning and a picture of a condom on the front and substitute a grown-up penguin for a puffin, but it was the children's publisher Andersen Press that commissioned this novel. It is Random House Children's Books who have it in their catalogue beside Emma Chichester Clark's Up in Heaven and Ken Brown's What's the Time, Grandma Wolf? (ages 4 and up). And the people who are putting most into this book are Penguin Children's Books, who were thrilled to win the paperback auction.

Advertising across London buses for Burgess's current novel, Lady ("The book your parents don't want you to read"), shows up for the hypocrisy it is Penguin's claim to publish this "responsibly". Everything about it has gone through the children's side: purchase, editing, publicity. The only unusual aspect is the sudden decision to stop sending out proofs. (Getting nervous?)

    Filth, which ever way you look at it : Melvin Burgess's new novel is already causing controversy and it won't be out for two months. Anne Fine is horrified and believes that Doing It should be published by an adult imprint - if at all, G, 29.3.2003, http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,12084,923907,00.html






But he insisted:

"The accusation that I attempted some sting on Blair'

is laughable." He claimed that he had turned down

several opportunities to meet the Blairs,

and boasted that the £69,000 discount

he negotiated on the two flats in Bristol at the centre of the affair

was down to his own negotiation skills,

not the Blairs' name.

    Foster denies targeting Blairs, G, 16.12.2002, http://politics.guardian.co.uk/cherie/story/0,12713,861107,00.html






James's latest mistake

causes England to let another lead slip

Kollmann 71, Ivanschitz 73 | Lampard 24, Gerrard 64

    Headline and sub, O, 5.9.2004,






Echoes of the past


A Baghdad graveyard holds

reminders of a previous British occupation of Iraq,

as well a lesson for the present, writes Luke Harding

    Headline and sub, G, 22.6.2004,






Available exclusively direct from Kettler and in men's and ladies' versions,

your bicycle will be delivered free to your door,

complete with a 28 day no-quibble return guarantee.

    Streets ahead ad, G, p.5, 2.4.2004.






It was billed as a circus and more than lived up to its name

as fans jostled Michael Jackson

when he arrived for the most sensational celebrity trial

since O. J. Simpson’s   

    Jackson moonwalks into court, 21 minutes late, sub, T, web frontpage, 17.1.2004.






House of horrors   

    Headline, G, 13.1.2003,






Two top-performing private schools are already considering

offering it alongside A-levels. Many others will follow suit

if the Government backs plans to introduce a new over-arching diploma

to replace the existing system, according to Martin Stephen,

the head of Manchester Grammar School who will take over

at St Paul's Boys' School in London later this year.

    Grammars lag behind in new school tables, IoS, 4.1.2004,






Mother cleared of infant sons' deaths

    Headline, G, 10.12.2003,






Aznar's ruling People's party to boycott homage by parliament
old dictator's ghost continues to haunt the nation's political stage

The governing People's party of Spain's conservative prime minister José María Aznar has refused to take part in a homage in parliament today to the victims of General Francisco Franco.

The late dictator's controversial legacy is dividing Spanish politicians once more, with the ruling party being the only one to boycott the homage to several hundred, mainly elderly, political prisoners, former anti-Franco guerrillas, members of the International Brigades, exiles, and families of those executed by his firing squads.

Spain torn on tribute to victims of Franco, sub and first §§, G, 1.12.1003, http://www.guardian.co.uk/spain/article/0,2763,1096841,00.html






Today's Queen's Speech will set the scene

for what may well develop into Tony Blair's toughest year as Prime Minister.

    Queen to outline tough year for Blair, PA, 26.11.2003.






Black Rod is the chief usher

of the Lord Chamberlain's Department of the royal household

and an official of the House of Lords

    The role of Black Rod, G, 14.6.2002,







Teenage fans scream during Elvis' appearance at the Florida Theatre

    Elvis picture caption, L, web edition.






Tonight is Guy Fawkes' night. Read our guide to the best sites

on the Catholic Yorkshire mercenary otherwise known as Guido

    Sub, G, 5.11.2002,






Boot polish jingle blackens Dickens' tale of woe


Charles Dickens penned a cheerful advertising jingle

for the boot-blacking factory which had supposedly been so traumatic to him

in childhood, research shows.

The novelist wrote of "the superlative splendour" of the shoe polish

he had slaved to make, according to a study in today's Guardian Review.

    Headline and first §§, G, 1.11.2003,






The leader of Switzerland's far-right People's party,

which won a stunning victory

in the country's general elections over the weekend,

last night denied he had anything against foreigners.

    Swiss lurch to right follows trend in Europe:
    Victory of the People's party threatens 'cosy consensus'
    as leader denies he has anything against foreigners, G, 21.10.2003,






A campaigner for lesbian and gay rights has been appointed

to head the government body intended

to promote women's and equality issues

    Campaigner heads women's unit, G, 22.11.2002,






Barbara Castle,

Labour heroine and champion of women's rights,

dies at 91

    Headline, G, 4.5.2003,






While composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's

private collection of Pre-Raphaelite art is on show

at the Royal Academy in London, his former lyricist Tim Rice

has coincidentally loaned his collection to the Bowes Museum

in Barnard Castle.

Unlike his erstwhile collaborator's devotion to Victorian art,

Rice's 59 pieces reveal a collector with wide-ranging tastes,

including works by Bonnard, Carracci, Cézanne, Degas,

Hockney, Picasso, Pissaro, Rembrandt, Vettriano, Warhol and Waterhouse.

    The Time Rice collection at the Bowes Museum, G, 29.9.2003,






New insight into Moon's origins


A toaster-sized mapping device developed by a British laboratory

could help give new insights into the origins of the Moon.

    PA, headline and §1, 27.9.2003.






Man parked parents' car in lake, cops say


"He intentionally drove the car into the lake,"

said Lt. Mike Sutton of the Oakland County Sheriff's Department.

"The windshield was busted out and the driver's

and passenger-side windows were rolled down

so he was able to get out of the car."

(...) A Sheriff's dive-team unit hooked up the car

and it was towed from the lake.

    Headline and paragraph, Detroit Free Press / Oakland County News, 25.7.2003.






Questions On Jesus' Teaching

    Titre de page web.






I wonder how many of the animal rights activists

have lived a farm or country life

It seems that people in general see the meat at the butcher's

as a generic commodity, and not as the leg of an individual lamb

(possibly named Fluffy by the children) for instance...

a lamb that was killed, skinned, gutted and sliced

and sawed into pieces for the table.

It seems that the activists might intellectually know,

but not really understand

that the natural outcome of all wild and farm animals is to be eaten,

and for the wild animals usually messily and sooner,

as youngsters, rather than later.

    Anne Carney writes, 2003,






Westminster's leader, Simon Milton, said he faced a "hardcore" of homeless people who needed to be forced to "come in from the cold".

The council has already proposed fines of up to £500 for anyone sleeping rough in high profile areas such as Westminster Cathedral piazza and St James's park.

(...) The charity's director, Adam Sampson, added: ""Westminster council's 'tough love' approach to rough sleepers will not work. The claim that all the services exist to help rough sleepers and street homeless people is untrue.

    Council pushes to end soup runs, G, 17.3.2003, http://society.guardian.co.uk/homelessness/story/0,8150,916045,00.html






Swiss joins BA's Oneworld alliance


British Airways has confirmed it signed a pact with Swiss International Airlines that will also see the ailing carrier join BA's Oneworld airline alliance.

    Headline and first paragraph, FT, 23.9.2003.






Europe's bourses continue to sputter

    Headline, FT, 23.9.2003.






Saddam's chain of command is severed,

so US opts to make raid permanent

    Headline, I, p. 6, 8.4.2003.






They were monuments to a mighty tyrant.

Now Saddam's palaces

symbolise a crumbling regime.

    Headline, I, p. 3, 8.4.2003.

















The Guardian        p. 36        4.3.2005















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