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grammaire anglaise > groupe nominal > syntaxe et sens


détermination du nom > complément de nom


N + of + N


The death of video recorders

Headline and first §§, PA, 22.11.2004,









+  's  + N


Governor Stays

Texas Woman's Wednesday Execution

R, Wed Dec 1, 2004 06:35 PM ET,













Nfinissant en "S"   + ' + N


Sing Different:

Steve Jobs' Life Becomes An Opera

July 22, 2017    7:15 AM ET        NPR













Nacronyme finissant en "S"   + ' + N


Use Force to Stop

ISIS Destruction of Art and History

Use Force to Stop ISIS’ Destruction of Art and History,
NYT, APRIL 6, 2015,













Npluriel régulier en "S  + ' + N


French Port City Becomes Final Way Station

For Some Migrants' Odysseys

NPR        August 7, 20155:15 AM ET
















of > variations sémantiques



The Guardian        p. 3        6.11.2004
















The Guardian        p. 8        29.3.2006
















The Guardian        p. 22        17.11.2005
















The Guardian        Society 1        p. 31        15.3.2006
















The Guardian        Society 1        p. 32        15.3.2006
















The Guardian        Society 1      p. 1        15.3.2006
















November 21, 2005        Vol. 166 No. 21
















November 14, 2005        Vol. 166 No. 20
















The Guardian        Society 1        p. 29        8.3.2006

















The Guardian        Technology        p. 3        17.11.2005
















The Guardian        Review        p. 24        22.10.2005
















The Guardian        p. 10        1.4.2006

















The Guardian        p. 1        8.3.2006

















The Guardian        p. 40        8.3.2006















The Guardian        Society 1        p. 12        8.3.2006
















The Guardian        Review        p. 24        26.11.2005
















The Guardian        p. 18        7.12.2005
















The Guardian        p. 4        25.11.2005
















The Guardian        p. 17        25.11.2005
















The Guardian        Technology        p. 1        10.11.2005

















The Guardian        Work        p.1        22.102005

















The Economist - North America Edition        May 14th 2005
















The Economist - North America Edition        Oct 29th 2005

http://www.economist.com/printedition/index.cfm?d=20051029 - broken URL

U.S. President George W. Bush

















The Guardian        p. 15        16.4.2005


















The Guardian        p. 11        11.4.2005

Exposed: filthy poet pimp

who wrote the Georgian gentleman's guide to prostitution


















The Guardian        Sport        pp. 16-17        11.4.2005

















City jobs to go in CSFB shake-up

The Guardian        p. 20        8.12.2004


















December 27, 2004 / January 3, 2005

Vol. 164 No. 26 Person Of The Year

llustration for TIME by Daniel Adel


















The Guardian        p. 33        26.11.2004
















The Guardian        p. 1        19.11.2004


















The Guardian        p.18        10.12.2004

















NoW        28.11.2004

EXCLUSIVE: Face to face with James' murderer

Bulger mum finds killer

THE mother of murdered toddler James Bulger today

reveals the chilling moment

she came face to face

with one of the monsters

who butchered her son 11 years ago.




































The Guardian        p. 15        19.11.2004


















The Guardian        p. 12        19.11.2004


















The Guardian        p. 23        26.11.2004















Use Force to Stop

ISIS’ Destruction of Art and History



APRIL 6, 2015

The New York Times

The Opinion Pages

Op-Ed Contributor

Use Force to Stop ISIS’ Destruction of Art and History,
APRIL 6, 2015,







New Pope Elected


Tue Apr 19, 2005

12:33 PM ET

By Philip Pullella

and Crispian Balmer


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -

A new pope was elected by Roman Catholic cardinals

on Tuesday to succeed John Paul II.

The election of the 265th pontiff on only the second day

of a conclave in the Vatican's frescoed Sistine Chapel

was signaled by white smoke from the chapel chimney

and the tolling of the bells of St. Peter's Basilica.

    New Pope Elected, R, Tue Apr 19, 2005 12:33 PM ET,






Born in Birkenhead, the son of a clergyman,

Davies won an exhibition to the junior courses

at the Royal College of Music at the age of eight,

and went to the Stationers' Company's school,

north London.

Though he was made organ scholar of Keble College, Oxford,

in 1941, studies for his politics, philosophy and economics

degree were interrupted by war service in the Royal Artillery


    Meredith Davies : Conductor with a special passion for English music, obituary, G, 29.3.2005,






Which rabbit will the chancellor produce?


Wednesday's budget will be crucial

in winning Labour a third term;

below we examine some of the options

    Headline and sub, G, p. 10, 14.3.2005.






People tore open presents

and enjoyed Christmas feasts with their families

across the globe on Saturday.

Christians in Indonesia packed tightly guarded churches

despite fears of terrorist attacks.

In Australia, revelers partied on Sydney's beaches,

while in Taiwan,

a Frenchman dubbed ``Spiderman'' marked the day with a climb.

Climbing specialist Alain Robert, 42,

scaled the world's tallest building -- the 101-story Taipei 101.

The skyscraper will be officially inaugurated

on New Year's Eve.

At the Vatican, Pope John Paul II celebrated

a Christmas Eve Mass on Friday

that offered prayers for calm and prosperity in the Holy Land.

In Bethlehem, an emerging thaw in Israeli-Palestinian relations

helped draw several thousand pilgrims

to the traditional birthplace of Jesus.

    Millions mark Christmas around the world, IHT/AP, 26.12.2004,






Treasure trove of photographs

casts light on Dahl's dark imagination

    Headline, G, 8.12.2004,






Governor Stays

Texas Woman's Wednesday Execution

Wed Dec 1, 2004 06:35 PM ET


Under Texas law, the governor's power to change or limit

a prisoner's punishment is limited.

The governor alone can only grant a one-time,

30-day stay of an execution.

The governor can only grant stays longer than 30 days,

commutations or pardons on the recommendation

of the Pardons and Paroles Board.

     Governor Stays Texas Woman's Wednesday Execution,
    R, Wed Dec 1, 2004 06:35 PM ET,






The death of video recorders


The death of the video recorder came a step closer

when the country's largest electrical chain said

it is stopping selling them.

Dixons has decided to phase out VCRs

after more than a quarter of a century

to concentrate on their successor, the DVD.

The move signals the beginning of the end of VHS

(video home system), the technology

which revolutionised viewing habits around the world

when it allowed people to leave the house

without missing their favourite programmes.

But the humble VCR, with its clunky tapes

and habit of chewing up precious recordings,

has fallen victim to the speed and superior quality of DVD.

Dixons say demand for video cassette recorders

has fallen dramatically since the middle of the 1990S.

Meanwhile sales of DVD players have grown

seven-fold in the past five years.

    Headline and first §§, PA, 22.11.2004,






Tomorrow's petrol is a gas


Shell's first US hydrogen station is open now,

reports John Vidal.

But will we all be filling up soon?

It was billed as the "team of dreams" when in 2003 Shell,

the world's second's largest oil company,

linked with General Motors (GM), the largest car maker,

to invest up to a billion dollars over 10 years

to develop the world's "hydrogen economy".

Yesterday, in a small ceremony near Washington DC,

one of the fruits of the relationship was shown off.

    Headline and §1, G, 11.11.2004,








Will this week's launch of a free rival to Internet Explorer

pierce Microsoft's defences? Glyn Moody reports


Will this week go down in history as the start of open source's

conquest of the Windows desktop?

On Tuesday, version 1.0 of the free Firefox browser

was launched - a program many see

as the breakthrough in the battle

to win over Windows users to open source software

- community-created programs

that are openly available for development.

Firefox is also available for Apple's Mac OS X

and the GNU/Linux platform.

Headline, sub and §1, Thursday 11.11.2004,
















Rex Morgan        Woody Wilson and Graham Nolan

Created in 1948 by Nicholas P. Dallis        17.11.2004
















PARIS (Reuters) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat,

who rose from guerrilla icon to Nobel prize-winning peacemaker

only to fall into isolation amid new violence with Israel,

was declared dead in a Paris hospital on Thursday, officials said.

The 75-year-old Palestinian president's death,

announced at his West Bank headquarters of Ramallah,

ended days of rumors over his condition.

The official announcement was made

by his senior aide Tayeb Abdel Rahim.

"The Palestinian leadership mourns Yasser Arafat ...

who died at 4:30 this morning," said Abdel Rahim, near tears.

The Palestinian president died

with his 40-year quest for a state unachieved,

a succession scramble pitting old loyalists

against a younger generation

on the cards, and Israel cementing its grip on occupied land

in the absence of diplomacy.

Arafat's death, removing the man

Israel called an impassable obstacle to peace,

offered potential for the first peace bid in years.

But no potential successor wields his authority

and fears are strong that infighting could hamper any peacemaking.

Arafat held all the reins of power -- the Palestine Liberation Organization,

the self-rule Palestinian Authority and the main Fatah political movement.

He groomed no successor, but over the decades

took on the aura of an irreplaceable patriarch.

    Arafat, Founder of Palestinian Cause, Dead at 75, R, Wed Nov 10, 2004 11:27 PM ET, http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=UYQTQEMBHZZLYCRBAELCFFA?type=topNews&storyID=6779999






At 6.19am BST on Tuesday a tiny black disc will creep

across the face of the sun.

Venus, the second rock from the sun,

will move directly between the Earth and its parent star

in a rare celestial phenomenon known as the transit of Venus.

It is 6.19am, a black spot transits the sun ... and Venus lovers are in heaven, G, 5.6.2004,








Headline, Mi, 4.6.2004,










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