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grammaire anglaise > adverbes > adverbe / préposition > sens et syntaxe



afterward /afterwards (adv.)



after (prép. + N)





on (adv.)
















onadverbe (plus tard / après)

onpréposition  + Nom de jour / N (texte 1)







1 -    Forty years on,

America mourns and asks: what if Kennedy had lived?


What if? Once again, on the haunted date of 22 November,

the question resonated quietly around America and the world.

What course might history have taken

if President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

had not been assassinated in Dallas exactly 40 years before?

    Headline and §1, IoS, 23.11.2003,





Ten years on, he is the king of Nothing Hill (…).

     When the lights go down, GE2, p. vi, 30.8.2002.















afterpréposition (après) + Groupe Nominal (GN)

afterwardadverbe / afterwardsadverbe (après)





After 500 years,

Globe's players return to perform at the palace


Despite the fact that plague is not - yet - raging in London,

Shakespeare's Globe theatre company

has returned to Hampton Court palace,

after a gap of 500 years.

    Headline, G, 19.7.2004,






When the Stone Roses split,

John Squir’s ‘coke habit’ and ‘egomania’ were blamed.

After five years of silence, the guitarist tells all to Dave Simpson.

    ‘My only excess was guitar solos, GE2, p, iv, 6.9.2002.






Just after midnight nine weeks ago,

a dark-coloured Isuzu four-wheel-drive

came cruising down the main street in Goole in East Yorkshire.

   GE2, ‘We’ve been acting like the IRA’, p.2, date à préciser.










Belief Is the Least Part of Faith


May 29, 2013
The New York Times


Some Sundays ago, I was part of a sermon in my university’s church.

It was the kind of ecumenical church in which I’d grown up.

The minister and I sat on the proscenium

above the congregation and below the stained-glass windows,

and spoke about the ways that evangelical Christians understood God —

a subject on which I had written a book.

Afterward, there was a lunch open to the community.

The questions people asked

as we ate our avocado-and-cheese sandwiches

circled around the puzzle of belief.

Why do people believe in God?

What is our evidence that there is an invisible agent

who has a real impact on our lives?

How can those people be so confident?

    Belief Is the Least Part of Faith, NYT, 29.5.2013,






On July 6 1978, he appeared before Grantham magistrates court

for smashing a shop window in the local high street.

Afterwards, he waited for the police to arrive.

   Pn the inside, looking out, GE2, p. 7, 23.08.2002.