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comparatif d'égalité >  as ... as


















The Guardian        p. 16        15.1.2007















The Guardian        p. 5        4.6.2005

















The Guardian        Work        Money        p. 1        3.12.2005















Another Twist in a Mob Case as Contorted as They Come


The federal murder case of two retired detectives, Louis J. Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, has been something of a circus from the start. It has managed to amass some of the wildest charges of police corruption in the city's history and a rogue's gallery reaching from the underworld to the top shelf of the New York City bar.

But yesterday the case outdid itself, as the family of a slain gangster threatened to sue the police, saying the department had failed to protect him from two murderers who wore badges.

In a notice filed with the city, Anna Lino, the widow of Edward Lino, a Gambino family captain, said she planned to sue Mr. Eppolito and Mr. Caracappa, along with the city and the Police Department, claiming that her husband's civil rights were violated when he was shot to death in his Mercedes on the Belt Parkway 15 years ago.

Mrs. Lino's notice charged that her husband was the victim of carelessness, claimed, failed to adequately train and supervise Mr. Eppolito and Mr. Caracappa. The two men were charged in March in a federal indictment with betraying their badges by helping to kill eight people, Mr. Lino among them, on behalf of their employers in the mob.

Headline and first §§, NYT, 1.6.2005,






Children as young as 10 could be electronically tagged and their parents jailed

as part of a crackdown on youth crime by the Scottish executive.

Crackdown on Scottish youth crime, GI, p.6, 23.6.2003.














structure non comparative


asadverb + ADJ

+ asconjonction + proposition





Jackson [is] Described asadverb Nervous

asconjonction Trial Nears End




SANTA MARIA, Calif., June 1

- Michael Jackson is nervous and upset

as [ conjonction ] the end of his trial on child molesting charges grows near,

a spokeswoman said after a tense afternoon in court

during which the judge spelled out

the felony accusations against Mr. Jackson

and instructed the jury on how to weigh them.

Jackson Described as Nervous as Trial Nears End, NYT, 2.6.2005,










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