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grammaire anglaise > adverbes > adverbes au comparatif de supériorité


adverbes réguliers de une syllabe

au comparatif de supériorité


adverbe + er / adverbe + r


long > longer


close > closer




The Guardian        p. 23        7.10.2004
















The Guardian        p. 10        15.7.2006















Google, the California-based internet search engine,

was embroiled in a spat with its local newspaper yesterday

as traders on Wall Street pumped its shares higher

ahead of its first quarterly figures as a public company.

Newspaper report has Google in a spin, G, 22.10.2004,






There are dark circles under little Zain Hashmi's eyes, the legacy of the genetic blood disorder that will kill him sooner or later unless he gets the treatment he needs. The chances of a normal life for children like him hinge on the outcome of a case which in due course will trundle its way to the court of appeal and, possibly, on to the House of Lords, the highest court in the land.

At issue is whether his parents, Raj and Shahana, should have the right to create a new sibling whose tissue type matches Zain's and whose umbilical cord blood could be used to cure the sick four-year-old. Embryos produced by the parents would be screened, and any which matched Zain's tissue type and were free of his illness, beta thalassaemia, would be implanted in Mrs Hashmi's womb.

The human fertilisation and embryologyauthority (HFEA), which regulates in vitro fertilisation, already licenses clinics to perform pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which allows parents at risk of having a child with a genetic disorder to have their embryos screened and only unaffected ones implanted. Allowing tissue typing with PGD is a step farther, but the HFEA decided for the first time, in the Hashmis' case, to allow the procedure to go ahead.

'All we wanted was to save our son' : Zain Hashmi could be cured by blood from a new sibling
- but the law lags behind reproductive technology, says Clare Dyer, G, 14.1.2003,

















adverbes réguliers de une syllabe > big > répétition de la consonne finale > bigger



The Guardian        Education        p. 15        4.7.2006















adverbes irréguliers de une syllabe


far -> further



The Guardian        p. 19        24.3.2007















adverbes de deux syllabes en -ly


friendly -> friendlier ou more friendly


adverb-ly + er


more + adverb-ly


















These early patients helped establish the technique of analysis.

The theory emerged more slowly.

Scientist or storyteller?:
To some he was a visionary anatomist of human nature,
to others a talented writer who wove absurd theories into compelling narratives.
AC Grayling on the battle over the reputation of Sigmund Freud,
G, 22.6.2002,










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