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grammaire anglaise > adverbes > sens


négation / sens négatif > syntaxe




Ever since you got that new phone we hardly talk!


Freshly Squeezed

by Ed Stein


July 15, 2014





















by Garry Trudeau


October 06, 2013

















The Guardian        p. 24        22 September 2006




























































Killing the Recovery


September 28, 2011

The New York Times


The world has barely dug out of recession

and the global economy is again slowing dangerously.

Most leaders seem eager to make things even worse.

Killing the Recovery,






'Please, please, no'

- court hears last words of PC

before shooting




Roper: Do you wanna, er... put cuffs on him?

Broadhurst: Up to you, d'ya wanna?

Roper: Yeah, double safety mate.

(Sound of vehicle door opening, loud whistling)

Roper: Stop hold there mate, just stop there.

Suspect: Right.

Roper: Cos we're transporting you,

we're having to put handcuffs on you all right?

Suspect: No, (Pause) I got...

Roper: Claustrophobic.

Suspect: Yeah.

Roper: Well I'm sorry you can't sit behind us when we're er.

(Sound of handcuff ratchet)

Suspect: Mate lis... lis... listen don't, don't.

Roper: He's got a gun. (Gun shot 1)

(Screams, argh, argh, loud screaming) (Shots 2, 3, 4)

(Screams, argh, argh)


No don't, don't, (Pause) please, please no. (Shot 5).

    Source: 'Please, please, no' - court hears last words of PC before shooting, I, 20.11.2004,
















Friday, December 15th, 2006















Spiderman        Stan Lee        23.9.2004
















noadverbe (1)



notadverbe (2)



nodéterminant + N (2-3-4)






1 -    Jeannie Wise, 54,

has little truck with such complaints.

After giving up work to nurse her dying husband,

she has landed a high-powered job as a PA.

Now widowed, she enjoys the social buzz

and hopes to stay on at least until 65:

'Retiring? No thank you! I like working.

There's the financial aspect of course,

but it also keeps your brain active.'

    Why the old are on the march :
The Baby Boomers refuse to grow into a quiet dotage
    - and political parties want their votes.
    Gaby Hinsliff reports, O, 1.8.2004,






2 -    Kilroy-Silk defies critics and insists:

I'm no racist


Robert Kilroy-Silk, the television presenter suspended

after writing a savage newspaper polemic against Arabs,

defied outraged protests last night to declare:

'I am not a racist.'

    Headline, O, 11.1.2004,






3 -    I'm no Herod, insists Blunkett

amid storm over refugee children


The home secretary, David Blunkett,

insists today he does not deserve to be branded

the "King Herod of the Labour party"

for his controversial plan to take into care

the children of failed asylum seekers

who refuse to leave the country.

    Headline and §1, G, 27.11.2003,






4 -    I'm no terrorist, says jailed American


Lori Berenson protests her innocence at her retrial in Peru

and speaks out for those who fight for the poor

    Headline and sub, G, 21.6.2001,






'I don't want to plan my death,

I want to enjoy life'


Britain is one of the few European countries

where assisting suicide is still a crime.

A report on the growing euthanasia debate

and the people it most affects

    Headline and sub, O, 19.9.2004,






Highly profitable companies

barely pay cleaning staff a living wage

- and of course no one is to blame

    Cleaners are human too, sub, G, 8.12.2004,






Almost 8,000 supporters gather at Heathrow

to give England's first World Cup winners

for 37 years a scarcely credible homecoming.

Sub, Back Home, it's a whole new ball game, web frontpage, G, 26.11.2003.

















adverbe / groupe adverbial négatif

(neither, never once, not only, not since...)

en début de séquence




syntaxe > groupe verbal inversé :

auxiliaire / modal / beverbe + Nsujet





advnégatif + aux + Nsujet + BV


Not only did they hold the White House





advnégatif + proposition + aux + Nsujet + participe passé


Never once in all the time I've investigated these horrific crimes

has it occurred to me...








Dan Wasserman

The Boston Globe




R: Uncle Sam
















The Guardian        p. 16        25.6.2007















Let’s Not Make a Deal


November 8, 2012

The New York Times



To say the obvious: Democrats won an amazing victory.

Not only did they hold the White House

despite a still-troubled economy,

in a year when their Senate majority

was supposed to be doomed,

they actually added seats.


    Let’s Not Make a Deal, NYT, 8.11.2012,






Raped policeman:

'I never thought I would be a victim'

A detective investigating sexual assaults
was devastated when he himself was raped.
But he grew even more angry
when police colleagues
insisted on investigating the crime.
Here he tells his tale anonymously


Amelia Hill
Monday 4 April 2011 20.30 BST


I've been a police officer for two decades and a detective,

specialising in serious crime and sexual offences, for 15 years.

Never once [ groupe adverbial ]

in all the time I've investigated these horrific crimes

has it occurred to me that one day I would be a victim;

that I would be raped

– and that I would refuse to help the police investigate.

    Raped policeman: 'I never thought I would be a victim', G, 4.4.2011,






Not since Lyndon Johnson died in 1973

has the US gone through the high pomp and ritual

associated with a presidential state funeral.

Former president Richard Nixon's family, acting on his wishes,

bypassed Washington traditions when he died in 1994.

US says goodbye to Reagan,










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