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grammaire anglaise > adverbes / groupe adverbial > syntaxe



des adverbes / marqueurs de temps

dans un GV au present perfect







present perfect actif


have + adverbe(s) + past participle


I have never intentionally used steroids!





I have never intentionally used steroids!

[ never : adverbe de fréquence,

intentionally : adverbe de manière ]


Rob Rogers

Comment cartoon

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


































































I've always been deeply prejudiced against racists



by Garry Trudeau


March 18, 2012
















The Guardian        p. 22        21.2.2007





























The Guardian        p. 6        22.10.2005















Studies on gay boys predominate, so young lesbians are more of a mystery. Pioneering findings suggest lesbian teens may be different from gay boys in key ways. There's more variability in the age when they realize they're not straight, says Lisa Diamond, a University of Utah psychologist. Unlike boys, most girls also have opposite-sex attractions. And strong emotional bonds are more key in sparking girls' sexual attractions, Diamond says.

She also has ventured into territory rarely trod in studies on gay youths: friendships and romances. "They're adolescents first, and adolescents are obsessed with their friendship networks," she says.

They have been nicknamed 'The Untouchables' because of the reign of fear they have imposed on Catholic working-class districts of Belfast during 10 years of the peace process.

However detectives investigating the savage murder of Robert McCartney outside a city centre bar might prefer to use another name for the IRA gang responsible - 'The Inscrutables'.

    Gay teens coming out earlier to peers and family, UT, 7.2.2007,






Three of the 12 IRA members said to have been involved in the stabbing, kicking and beating of McCartney and his friend Brendan Devine on 30 January have over the past fortnight walked into Musgrave Street police station, just a brief stroll from the pub where the attack started. Under pressure from the IRA leadership as well as growing antipathy towards them from the Catholic community, all three used the same classic IRA anti-interrogation techniques as they were questioned: they remained silent, refused to answer questions and stared at the wall.

    'Untouchables' stay out of reach:
    IRA witnesses stay silent on murder of Robert McCartney, as his sisters carry on their fight for justice, O, 13.2.2005,    






Hundreds of Britons may still be missing

following the Indian Ocean tsunami

which has so far killed at least 28 UK nationals,

officials said.

    British death toll climbs to 28, §1, PA, 31.12.2004,



so far

porte sur la relation prédicative :

the Indian Ocean tsunami - has killed at least 28 UK nationals

Déplacement théorique :

So far the Indian Ocean tsunami has killed at least 28 UK nationals



at least

porte sur l'objet :

at least 28 UK nationals

Déplacement théorique :

At least 28 UK nationals have been killed

by the Indian Ocean tsunami







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DT message, 17.12.2003.






"I've never had sex with a man."

    'Im a big hypocrite', Moby interview, GI/G2, p. 2, 16.6.2003.






Not finding WMDs doesn't mean there are none.

Last week the ground-forces commander in Iraq,

Lt. Gen. David McKiernan,

told NEWSWEEK he's confident evidence will emerge.

"We haven't found yet the big, hard evidence,

but I think that will come," he said.

    WMD: Looted and Lost?, N, p. 4, 19.5.2003.






Coalition forces have not yet found

weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Truth and Credibility As Casualties of War, caption,
NYT/Le Monde, p. 3, 15/16.6.2003.






Hans Blix, the chief UN weapons inspector for Iraq,

warns that this is a dangerous time.

He has rarely spoken a truer word.

No rush to judgment: The inspectors need time and space,
GE, p. 11, 18.1.2003.






Blobs of oil have already washed up on Atlantic beaches

in the Landes region, near Bordeaux, south-west France.

French coast braces for oil disaster, GE, p. 9, 4.1.2003.















present perfect passif



des adverbes / marqueurs de temps

dans un GV au present perfect passif


U.K. Steps Up Coronavirus Prevention,

But Its Hospitals Have Already Been Strained

March 17, 202010:28 AM ET