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Jerry Holbert

The Boston Herald

Boston, MA


8 July 2010

















The Guardian        Technology        p. 7        25 May 2006

















The Guardian        p. 14        21.9.2004















"The ozone hole is getting larger, deeper and is lasting longer,"

said Michael Proffitt, a leading expert

on the ozone hole at World Meteorological Organisation.

"It has never stayed this large, this late."

    Ozone hole stays at record size, PA, 3.10.2003.






You had to keep your eye on the centipedes to interpret reality,

to realise each creature was a Bradley fighting vehicle,

its tail was a cluster of US Marines hiding behind the armour,

moving forward together each time their protection

revved its engines and manoeuvred closer to the Tigris.

There was a burst of gunfire from the Americans

and a smart clatter of rocket-propelled grenades and puffs of white smoke

from the Iraqi soldiers and militiamen dug into their foxholes

and trenches on the same river bank further south.

It was that quick and that simple and that awesome.

It seemed as if Baghdad would fall within hours, I, p. 1, 8.4.2003.






You still rent your line from BT,

you keep the same home phone number

andyou don’t have to dial any additional access codes.

It’s that simple!

British Gas Communications advertisement, ES, p. 48, 7.2.2002.






Investments this attractive are few and far between

– so call today or fill in the form for a brochure.

Play FTSE and keep your socks on, NS&I ad, TI, p. 7, 7.3.2002.

















The Guardian        p. 9        20 November 2004















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