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How To Cheaply Fix Algae Blooms


How to Really Save the Economy



















































How to Really Save the Economy


September 10, 2011

The New York Timesq



Cambridge, Mass.

THE United States is in the third year of a grand experiment by the Obama

administration to revive the economy through enormous borrowing

and spending by the government, with the Federal Reserve

playing a supporting role by keeping interest rates at record lows.


How to Really Save the Economy,






David Letterman Reveals Extortion Attempt


October 2, 2009

The New York Times



David Letterman said on his show on Thursday

that he had been the victim of an extortion attempt

over charges of sexual affairs with staff members,

claims that he conceded were true.

Mr. Letterman said on “The Late Show,” on CBS,

that he had been approached by a person

who wanted $2 million not to go public with information

that Mr. Letterman had been in sexual relationships with women

who work on his show.

Mr. Letterman said that he had testified before a grand jury

and had admitted to the relationships.

“My response to that is, yes I have.

Would it be embarrassing if it were made public?

Perhaps it would,” he said on the show.

“I feel like I need to protect these people.

I need to certainly protect my family.”

David Letterman Reveals Extortion Attempt, NYT, 2.10.2009,






More paedophiles

who use the internet to sexually exploit children

should be banned from using it,

according to one of the UK's Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Ban paedophiles from the internet, says BT,






The Vatican yesterday urged Catholic politicians

to actively campaign against legalising gay marriages

which it said were evil, deviant

and posed a grave threat to society.

In a document which was immediately condemned

by gay rights campaigners as shocking and inflammatory,

Catholic lawmakers were warned that any support of same-sex unions

was "gravely immoral" and there was a moral duty on them

to publicly oppose moves towards legal

recognition of such marriages.

Pope calls for halt to 'evil' gay marriages, G, p. 1, 1.8.2003,






Micro-boom: Net stocks are crashing, start-ups are starving,

investors are fleeing: is there any reason to still believe

that a "computer revolution" will remake the world? Yes.

Headline, Mystery solved, p. 18, N, 29.1.2001.










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