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grammaire anglaise > adverbes > sens > manière


portée de l'adverbe



adverbe -> adjectif


really, truly genuine






adverbe -> V


the north-east overwhelmingly rejected his dream






adverbe -> N


viciously beating and harassing Iraqi prisoners of war






The deputy prime minister, John Prescott,

tonight experienced the bitter taste of defeat

after the north-east overwhelmingly rejected

his dream of an elected regional assembly

on his doorstep.

    North-east voters reject regional assembly, G, 5.11.2004,






Really, truly genuine

Tony Blair's tribute to John Peel
revealed much more than sorrow

    Headline and sub, G, 30.10.2004,






A police officer found yesterday by an inquest jury

to have unlawfully killed an unarmed man five years ago,

has been promoted by his force, the Guardian has learned.

An inquest jury yesterday recorded a 7-2 majority verdict

that Harry Stanley was unlawfully killed by police

in September 1999, just yards from his east London home.

    Policemen may face charges after unlawful killing verdict, G, 30.10.2004,






Three American soldiers

have been discharged after being found guilty

of viciously beating and harassing Iraqi prisoners of war,

some of whom were already injured,

a US military spokesman said last night.

    US soldiers sent home for beating prisoners of war, G, 6.1.2004,






Pakistan is being slowly Talibanised

Musharraf has handed over
the border regions to al-Qaida allies

Headline and sub, G, 11.12.2002,