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grammaire anglaise > conjonctions > as > sens > asconjonction, asadverbe






Americans aren't

asadverbe attached to democracy

asconjonction you might think

Saturday 11 February 2017    14.39 GMT

First published on Saturday 11 February 2017    11.00 GMT









Asconjonction  Flash's craft plummets to Earth,

[ contexte, concomitance, peut-être cause ]

the holograms created by his rocketcycle

begin to fade ... then vanish!


Flash Gordon

Jim Keefe        Created in 1934 by Alex Raymond

30 October 2004








asadverbe  ≠   asconjunction


1 -    Bradman, who lives alone

in his suburban Adelaide home,

said he was just asadverbe thrilled

to learn England's Sir Jack Hobbs

had also been selected

aspréposition one of the top five players.

''I am very pleased that Jack Hobbs was also chosen,

asconjonction he was one of my boyhood heroes,''

[ explication de la principale,

traduction : parce que ]

Bradman said.

Bradman bowled over by Wisden recognition, 6.3.2000
















proposition (SVO) en as






The Guardian        p. 40        22 February 2007















proposition (SVO) en as > sens


cadre, contexte, toile de fond,

concomitance, simultanéité

(avec parfois un contraste temporel :

alors que)



































































The Guardian        p. 16        24 July 2006













































Aid to Pakistan to Resume

asconjonction Tension With U.S. Eases

[ contexte, explication, cause ]


October 19, 2013

The New York Times



WASHINGTON — The United States plans to give

more than $1.5 billion in assistance to Pakistan

for programs that had been blocked

because of tension between the two nations

over events including the Navy SEAL raid

that killed Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan,

American officials said Saturday.


Aid to Pakistan to Resume as Tension With U.S. Eases,






Asconjonction Iran Shifts,

Hard-Liners See Threat to Battle Cry


October 18, 2013

The New York Times



TEHRAN — With the believers pouring out

of the Friday Prayer site in Tehran,

Ali Akbar and his friends sprang into action,

hastily spreading posters of the American flag

on the asphalt and switching on their megaphone.


As Iran Shifts, Hard-Liners See Threat to Battle Cry,






Asconjonction Syrian War Roils,

Sectarian Unrest Seeps Into Turkey


August 4, 2012

The New York Times



ANTAKYA, Turkey — At 1 a.m. last Sunday, in the farming town of Surgu, about six hours away from here, a mob formed at the Evli family’s door.

The ill will had been brewing for days, ever since the Evli family chased away a drummer who had been trying to rouse people to a predawn Ramadan feast. The Evlis are Alawite, a historically persecuted minority sect of Islam, and also the sect of Syria’s embattled leaders, and many Alawites do not follow Islamic traditions like fasting for Ramadan.

The mob began to hurl insults. Then rocks.

“Death to Alawites!” they shouted. “We’re going to burn you all down!”

Then someone fired a gun.

“They were there to kill us,” said Servet Evli, who was hiding in his bedroom with his pregnant wife and terrified daughter, both so afraid that they urinated through their clothes.

As Syria’s civil war degenerates into a bloody sectarian showdown between the government’s Alawite-dominated troops and the Sunni Muslim majority, tensions are increasing across the border between Turkey’s Alawite minority and the Sunni Muslim majority here.

As Syrian War Roils, Sectarian Unrest Seeps Into Turkey,






Asconjonction Conflict Continues,

Assad’s Arms Under Strain


August 2, 2012

The New York Times



With diplomatic efforts dead and the future of Syria playing out on the battlefield, many of the Syrian government’s most powerful weapons, including helicopter gunships, fighter jets and tanks, are looking less potent and in some cases like a liability for the military of President Bashar al-Assad.

Rebels have turned part of Mr. Assad’s formidable arsenal on his own troops. Anti-Assad fighters on Wednesday shelled a military airport in the contested city of Aleppo with captured weapons. On Tuesday, rebels used commandeered Syrian Army tanks in a skirmish with Mr. Assad’s troops.

Perhaps even more worrying to Mr. Assad, his military has come to rely more heavily on equipment designed for a major battle with a foreign enemy, namely Israel, rather than a protracted civil conflict with his own people. Close observers of his military say Syria is having trouble keeping its sophisticated and maintenance-intensive weapons functioning.

The strain is likely to grow more acute as the government depends on helicopter gunships to extend its reach to parts of the country rendered impassable to logistics convoys and even armored vehicles by the rebels’ improvised bombs.

    As Conflict Continues, Assad’s Arms Under Strain, NYT, 2.8.2012,















proposition (SVO) en as > valeurs


causalité, contextualisation

concomitance, explication,

redondance, comparaison,






comparaison > sameadj. ... asconjonction





comparaison > asadv. ... asconjonction





so  +  adj.  +  as  +  toviseur -> BV















énoncés en as




The Guardian        p. 28        20 July 2006






























Cause indirecte / Contextualisation (1-2-3-4) :


1-  Rocket launched [ action ]

asconjonction police crack down on Hamas [ contexte ]


Palestian militants yesterday carried out

their deepest rocket attack against Israel

as Palestinian police began a crackdown on Hamas in Gaza.

The missile travelled five miles from the north of Gaza,

the longest distance the crude Kassam rockets have been fired.

The missile just missed a lifeguard hut on a beach south of the city.

No one was injured.

At the same time police officers

patrolled Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza,

which Hamas used to fire missiles

at an Israeli town in the Negev desert.

Hundreds of missiles have been fired

at the town of Sderot, three miles from Gaza,

but they have caused little damage or injuries.

Headline, GI, p. 8, 25.8.2003,




Le tir de roquette s'inscrit dans un contexte

de répression policière contre les membres du Hamas.

Effet théâtral avec deux événements simultanés :

tir au premier plan, répression en toile de fond.







2 - Premier plan : arrestations.


Contexte / "Profondeur de champ" :  émeutes de Birmingham (1985).


Police in Birmingham made 43 arrests

last night and early this morning [ gros plan, zoom ]

asconjonction sporadic violence broke out

in several areas of the city [ contexte, plan général ]

in the wake of Monday's rioting in the Handsworth district,

which left two people dead and missing.

On This Day, The Times, September 11, 1985,
Birmingham violence spreads to new areas,
T, The Register,
p. 37,






 3 - Tableau / cadre / contexte :

en 2003, la guérilla s'intensifie en Irak.


Détail / action :

nouvelle attaque contre des soldats américains.


Crowd beats dead US troops

Brutal attack in northern Iraq [ gros plan ]

asconjonction resistance grows [ contexte ]


Two American soldiers were shot dead

and their bodies beaten with concrete blocks by a crowd yesterday

in one of the most brutal attacks on the US military in Iraq.

Headline, sub and §1,






4 - as (première occurrence)




as (deuxième occurrence)


as marque ici la simultanéité de deux actions.


Baby Drowned

[ gros plan ]

asconjonction Mother Listened to CD's,

[ contexte ]

Prosecutor Says


November 9, 2005

The New York Times



16-month-old Brooklyn boy drowned in a filthy tub

*in a bathroom with no working light on Sunday

while his mother spent 40 minutes in the next room playing CD's,

prosecutors said yesterday

as the city's Administration for Children's Services said

it was starting its own full investigation

of its handling of the troubled family.

    Baby Drowned as Mother Listened to CD's, Prosecutor Says, NYT, 9.11.2005,










Une proposition en as

peut également exprimer

le résultat, l'effet, la conséquence.


Schéma :

proposition causale  +  as proposition résultative.













valeurs > causalité directe / indirecte, contextualisation


autres énoncés













































































































Taxpayers' bill rockets

[ effet, conséquence ]

asconjonction high-speed rail line arrives

[ contexte, cause ]







A major deployment of troops to Iraq

is expected to be announced today

asconjonction ministers brace themselves for criticism

over how the UK has handled post-war planning.

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon,

embattled by the David Kelly affair,

and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw,

were both set to make statements to MPs on Iraq

asconjonction the Commons returned

for the new parliamentary session.

It is believed between 1,000 and 3,000 extra personnel

will be sent to Iraq to boost the 10,000-strong UK force

in response to the increased frequency of terrorist bombings

and attacks on coalition forces in Iraq.

    'Hoon to send more troops to Iraq' , PA, 8.9.2003.






Will fact match fiction

asconjonction scientists start work on thinking robot?

Headline, GI, p. 3, 25.8.2003.






Ecologists fear disaster

[ effet, conséquence ]

asconjonction oil rush takes grip in quake zone

[ contexte, cause ]:


Russian island

to be turned into Japan's energy hub

in project worth billions to Shell

    Headline, GI, p. 9, 25.8.2003.






Drivers were dragged at random

from their vehicles and beaten savagely.


One truck driver knelt in the road, helplessly semi-conscious,

[effet ]

asconjonction a bypasser kicked him in the head.

[ cause ]


The driver is now in grave condition in hospital.

The night Beirut came to downtown Los Angeles, G, 1.5.1992.






Gusts of more than 100mph

reached the Outer Banks of North Carolina by yesterday afternoon,

and were expected to increase

[ effet, conséquence ]

asconjonction the eye of the storm reached inland.

[ contexte, cause ]

100mph winds batter US east coast,






Iran rages

[ effet, conséquence ]

asconjonction UN imposes nuclear bomb deadline

[ contexte, cause ]

Headline, WT, p.18, 17/23.9.2003.






The FTSE 100 Index continued its retreat towards the 4000 mark

asconjonction gloomy economic data from the United States

rocked sentiment.

Weaker-than-expected consumer confidence figures

were largely to blame asconjonction the Dow Jones Industrial

Average fell 100 points by the time of London's close.

FTSE rocked by US economic data, PA, 30.9.2003.






Bremer survived Baghdad convoy attack

Revelation of shooting raises fear of coalition infiltration

asconjonction violence grows between Sunnis and Shias

[ contexte ]

Headline and sub,






Palestinian girl of four shot dead

asconjonction Rafah toll rises to 43

Headline, IoS, 23.5.2004,






Children among 20 dead

asconjonction Israeli army begins

huge crackdown on Rafah


Palestinian fighters vow to defend camp house by house

Headline and sub, G, 19.5.2004,






US rates set to rise

asconjonction job numbers grow

  Headline, G, 4.6.2004,






Former US president shows careful contrition over affair

asconjonction he promotes his autobiography on TV

 Clinton: my moral error with Monica, sub, G, 18.6.2004,

















concomitance / actions simultanées



Une proposition (SVO) en as

peut également indiquer une circonstance,

une concomitance / coïncidence,

fortuite ou préméditée.




se traduit alors par

"au moment où" (valeur emphatique)

"alors que" (valeur emphatique)

"pendant que".



Autre traduction possible : participe passé >

voir ci-dessous >  "Bombardés de tous côtés, ..."





The Guardian        p. 1        29 July 2006

































New Orleans firefighters walk through water

as a looted sports store burns in the background

in the city of New Orleans August 31, 2005.


Hellish scenes

of death, damage, and chaos wracked

the U.S. Gulf Coast on Wednesday

as overwhelmed authorities tried to rescue

the living and count the dead amid the destruction

left by powerful Hurricane Katrina.


Reuters/Jason Reed


New Orleans evacuation slows as shooting, chaos erupt


Thu Sep 1, 2005        11:38 AM ET















June 09, 2005

Girl dies in gang fracas in meadow


Four teenagers held

after woman is found weeping

over the body of her 15-year-old daughter



Friends of Aimee Wellock pay their respects

asconjonction police search for clues




FOUR youths were arrested yesterday

after a 15-year-old girl lost her life

in a violent confrontation

with a gang of teenagers.


Aimee Wellock,

an “outgoing and friendly” girl

who lived for dancing,

was found collapsed

in a meadow behind her home

outside Bradford,

West Yorkshire,

by her mother.


A neighbour said

that she found Aimee’s mother

hunched over her daughter’s body,

screaming and willing her

to start breathing.

Headline, sub and first §§, Ts, 9.6.2005

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1646695,00.html - broken URL













1 - si le jeune homme est tué par balles,

ce n'est pas parce qu'il sortait du restaurant.


Les deux faits sont simplement concomitants,

il n'y a de relation de cause à effet :


l'un (sortir du restaurant)

n'est pas la cause directe de l'autre (être assassiné).



A 27-year-old man was shot to death Sunday night in his convertible

asconjonction he left an upscale Ventura Boulevard restaurant,

police said Monday.

    Man slain as he leaves restaurant
    Witness report hearing at least 5 shots; no suspects, LA Daily News, 8.9.2003.






2 - le fait que le jeune homme

rencontre la Reine à un coin de rue

relève du hasard :


Asconjonction he was rushing around a corner,

he bumped into a rather stout, finely dressed lady.

Begging her pardon, he was about to run off.

But the lady said,  "Little boy, where are you going in such a hurry?"

He replied, "To see the Queen."

The lady smiled at him and said, "You might as well go home

because you have just seen her."

The Magpie Sings the Great Depression:
Selections from DeWitt Clinton High School's Literary Magazine, 1929-1942






3 - si un enregistrement de Ben Laden

est communiqué aux médias

dans la nuit du 10 au 11 septembre 2003,

c'est pour qu'il soit diffusé le 11 septembre,

jour anniversaire de l'attentat contre les tours

du World Trade Center à New York

(11 septembre 2001).


Les terroristes veulent que cette diffusion

coïncide avec les commémorations.


Osama bin Laden appeared

to have emerged from the shadows last night

to deliver a bloodcurdling message to America

asconjonction [ alors que ] the nation prepared to remember

the 3,016 people his al-Qaeda terror network murdered

two years ago today.

Bin Laden back to taunt US on 9/11:
Video tape of al-Quaeda leader calls for attacks on troops in Iraq, T, p. 1, 11.9.2003.






4 - A massive earthquake is feared

to have killed up to 10,000 people

asconjonction they slept in an historic Iranian city city.

10,000 feared dead in Iran earthquake, AP, 26.12.2003.


si des milliers personnes

ont perdu la vie dans le tremblement de terre,

ce n'est pas parce qu'elles dormaient.


La proposition

as they slept in an historic Iranian city city

n'indique pas la cause de la proposition principale :

A massive earthquake is feared

to have killed up to 10,000 people.


La proposition en as

n'apporte ici qu'un complément d'information,

une information relative aux circonstances de la catastrophe

("toile de fond", contexte).


Sens ajouté :

le fait que les victimes dormaient

rend l'information encore plus dramatique.







5 - Thousands greet the New Year as the North shivers (titre).


La mise en conjonction par as

de deux propositions est ici arbitraire, sans logique,

comme le montre le reste de l'article.


Il  n'y a aucun rapport de causalité, direct ou indirect,

entre les deux premiers tiers du texte, consacré à la vague de froid,

et le dernier tiers, qui décrit les festivités du nouvel an.



Thousands greet the New Year

as the North shivers


The New Year blew in yesterday

with gales, blizzards and torrential rain

as wintry weather took a grip of much of the country,

prompting the Met Office to issue a severe-weather warning.

An eight-year-old boy was killed

when a tree was toppled by gale-force winds

in Dunham Park, near Altrincham, Cheshire.

Three other people, including a two-year-old girl, were injured.

Drivers in the North were told to carry spades,

warm clothes and water if they ventured out,

because of the danger of snow drifts.

Gusts of more than 65mph would create blizzard conditions,

the Highways Agency warned.

Police in Cumbria received

about 20 reports of fallen trees blocking roads.

Light flooding caused by heavy rain

led to a spate of accidents, a spokesman said.

"Our patrols have been put under pressure

by a huge number of wind-related incidents." he said.

"There have also been a number of problems

with heavy surface water

after heavy rainfall started at about midday.

There were downpours of torrential rain

which weren't adequately dealt with by drainage systems

and consequently caused a spate of accidents."

Three football matches in the North-west of England

were abandoned because of the weather.

The weather is expected to turn milder by the end of today.

New Year celebrations continued yesterday

with half a million gathering in central London

for the 19th annual parade.

Around 10,000 performers,

including marching bands and dance troupes from around the world,

took part in the three-hour event

which began in Parliament Square and finished in Piccadilly.

Volunteers collected tens of thousands of pounds

for tsunami appeals en route.

A spokesman for the event said:

"I think the poignancy of this New Year wasn't lost on people.

They enjoyed themselves

but didn't forget about the people who are suffering."

Thousands greet the New Year as the North shivers, IoS, full text, 2.1.2005,













concomitance > autres énoncés





The Independent on Sunday has learnt that Securicor,

which already has a contract to tag criminals,

has met Home Office and Immigration Service officials

to discuss controversial plans to fit electronic tags to immigrants.

It comes asconjonction the Government faces

increasing criticism over its failure to track asylum-seekers.

David Blunkett, the Home Secretary,

admitted in a BBC interview last week

that he had no idea how many illegal asylum seekers were in Britain.

    Secret plan to tag asylum seekers, I, 28.9.2003,






The family of a woman shot dead in a robbery

on her jewellery shop in suburban Nottingham

called yesterday for the government to do more to stop crime.

Asconjonction the home secretary, David Blunkett,

announced record police numbers,

the daughters of Marian Bates claimed

that while in the past they had known their local bobby well,

nowadays they did not set eyes on a police officer

from one week to the next.

   Bring back our bobby, say gun victim's daughters :
    Family of woman shot dead in jewellery shop reveal husband's pleas for more police patrols
    as they urge Blunkett to do more to stop crime, G, 3.10.2003,






Get the latest business news asconjonction it breaks

    Guardian ad, G, web edition, 7.10.2003.






Tristram Hunt, one of Britain's leading young historians,

joins veterans on Gold beach, Normandy,

asconjonction the heroes of D-Day mourn their fallen comrades

and remember how they won the Allies'

greatest strategic gamble

    One last time they gather, the Greatest Generation, O, 6.6.2004,















proposition (SVO) en as


justification / explication directe ou indirecte / mise en perspective



la proposition A

est expliquée, développée, précisée

par la proposition en as



















La proposition en as

sert alors à justifier / expliquer / mettre en perspective

un jugement, un fait, une tendance, un événement.


Le "parce que" n'est pas ici causatif, mais explicatif :

l'énonciateur répond à la question "pourquoi ?".



Dans ce contexte

la conjonction as signifie :


"comme", "puisque",

"parce que" , "étant donné que",

"vu que".










1 -    Bradman,

who lives alone in his suburban Adelaide home,

said he was just asadverbe thrilled to learn

England's Sir Jack Hobbs had also been selected

aspréposition one of the top five players.

''I am very pleased that Jack Hobbs was also chosen,

asconjonction he was one of my boyhood heroes,''

[ explication de la principale ]

Bradman said.

Bradman bowled over by Wisden recognition,




1 - Si Bradman se déclare ravi du choix de Sir Jack Hobbs,

c'est parce que celui-ci, ancien joueur de cricket,

était le héros de son enfance.


Traduction explicative :


"Je suis ravi que Sir Jack Hobbs ait été choisi,

puisqu'il était mon héros quand j'étais gosse."

"Je suis ravi que Sir Jack Hobbs ait été choisi :

c'était mon héros quand j'étais gosse".


1 comprend trois as

qui ont chacun une fonction grammaticale différente :


- as adverbe : [just as] thrilled


- as préposition : as one of the top five players


- as conjonction : as he was one of my boyhood heroes










NEW YORK (Reuters) -

U.S. consumer sentiment rose in early December,

according to a survey released on Friday,

as consumers reacted positively

to lower prices at the gas pump.

[ explication ]

US Consumer Sentiment Up in December,
R, Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:24 AM ET, R, 10.12.2004,






Stress is the big problem facing employers up and down the country

as rates of sick leave soar.

[ mise en perspective, indication statistique, explication :

si les arrêts maladie montent en flèche,

c'est à cause du stress ]

    Life makes you sick:
    Thirteen million working days were lost to stress last year,
    and we spend £670m on massage, yoga and therapies to beat it.
    Jo Revill reports on the fight against the new British disease, O, 12.10.2003,






Race to Bury Asia's Dead

[ conséquence, effet ]

as Toll Hits 68,000

[ explication, cause ]


Tue Dec 28, 2004

11:06 PM ET



BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) -

Thousands of corpses rotted

in Indonesia's tropical sun on Wednesday

[ décor, toile de fond, contexte ]

as rescuers scoured isolated coasts across the Indian Ocean

for survivors of Sunday's giant waves that killed more than 68,000


[ action, description, mise en parallèle, superposition


On a ici l'inverse du schéma habituel :

c'est la proposition exprimant l'action qui est introduite par as,

et non la proposition indiquant le contexte ].














Redondance / reformulation


Reformulation d'une proposition

par une proposition en as.





Bring back our bobby,

say gun victim's daughters


Family of woman shot dead in jewellery shop

reveal husband's pleas for more police patrols

as they urge Blunkett to do more to stop crime






bring back our bobby


do more to stop crime

















asadverbe ... asconjonction





















sameadj. ... asconjonction





The advert showed the Graf's family's

pre-war photograph of the Marieschi

under the heading Buyer Beware - Holocaust Losses"

and appealed for information.

It was seen by Mr Beddington,

one of the few people in the world

who would be able to confirm a positive sighting.

Venetian scenes are notoriously hard to identify

but Mr Beddington is recognised as an expert in the genre.

He had seen the Marieschi

in the Englishman's home in France 13 years earlier.

"I think it is highly likely

it is the same painting as the one in the photograph,"

he said.

Christie's hides behind confidentiality over painting stolen by Gestapo:
Auctioneers accused of looking after interests of clients
rather than true owners of Venetian masterpiece,















so  +  adj.  +  as +  toviseur -> BV





The handling by education officials of allegations

of sexual abuse against a TV writer and drama teacher

was so poor as to constitute a cover up,

according to a damning report

by the Welsh children's commissioner.

Education officials condemned over abuse 'cover up',










asadverbe -> ADJ


asadverbe -> ADV


asconjonction -> N



Has anybody ever become

asadverbe famous

asadverbe quickly

asconjonction Susan Boyle?






Susan Boyle:

What happened to the dream?


In one incredible year,

Susan Boyle has gone from obscurity to global superstardom.

But, as [ conjonction ] her family and friends reveal,

it has come at a cost, while serious questions are being asked

about the very nature of shows like Britain's Got Talent


Sunday 30 May 2010

The Observer

Carole Cadwalladr


Has anybody ever become

as [ adverbe ] famous

as [ adverbe ] quickly

as [ conjonction ] Susan Boyle?

On 11 April 2009,

she was known only to her friends and family

in the small town of Blackburn, West Lothian.

Ten days later,

the video of her audition on Britain's Got Talent

had been viewed 100 million times.

Susan Boyle: What happened to the dream?,










Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise > Niveau avancé


as > lien discursif et / ou logique



as > sens > cause directe



as conjonction / after conjonction



as > sens > effet, conséquence directe



as > détermination de N

par une proposition (SVO) en as



proposition en as : traductions



after conjonction






after conjonction






as ... as -> Adverbes, Adjectifs, Syntaxe






Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise > Prépositions


like / as