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grammaire anglaise > conjonctions > as > sens > résultat


proposition résultative en as


résultat, effet, conséquence




Israeli Attack Kills Dozens

[ cause ]


Rice Postpones Lebanon Trip

[ effet, conséquence, résultat :

voir explication détaillée

dans la première phrase de l'article.


On voit ici que ce n'est pas

as qui a un sens causal,

mais l'enchaînement des deux propositions.


Le montage de ces deux propositions,

montage qui s'effectue avec as,

crée ici un effet sémantique de cause à effet.


Proposition causale :

Israeli Attack Kills Dozens


Proposition résultative :

Rice Postpones Lebanon Trip


July 30, 2006

The New York Times




QANA, Lebanon, July 30 —

A series of Israeli airstrikes in this small mountain town today

killed dozens of people in the deadliest single attack

in the war here so far, prompting Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice to cancel a trip to Lebanon,

where she had been due to hold talks

with government officials nearly three weeks into the fighting.

The attack in Qana appeared to propel the conflict,

and the American diplomatic effort to address it,

into a critical new escalation,

as the Lebanese government said it could not negotiate

with the bloodshed continuing and as anger in Lebanon

broadened to include the United States and United Nations.

Israeli Attack Kills Dozens as Rice Postpones Lebanon Trip,










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as > lien discursif et / ou logique



as > sens > cause directe



as conjonction / after conjonction



as > détermination de N

par une proposition (SVO) en as



proposition en as : traductions



after conjonction






as ... as -> Adverbes, Adjectifs, Syntaxe






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like / as