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grammaire anglaise > conjonctions > as / after > sens, valeurs


as + information première


after + information seconde, reprise





Northern California cleans up

as storms move south


 [ Traductions explicatives :


Californie :

les tempêtes se dirigent vers le sud :

donc grand nettoyage au nord


les tempêtes se dirigent vers le sud  :

donc le Nord peut commencer à nettoyer ]



Mon Jan 2, 2006
7:16 PM ET
By Michael Kahn



Residents in California's wine country

began cleaning up on Monday

as flooded rivers receded and officials reopened roads

[ après que - proposition temporelle et causale :

si le nettoyage peut commencer,

c'est parce qu'il y a eu décrue

et que l'on peut à nouveau rouler sur les routes ]

after [ après que ] two powerful storms caused

an estimated tens of millions of dollars in damage

[ information de second plan :

les tempêtes ont duré plusieurs jours,

elles ne viennent pas d'éclater

- seule nouveauté : le coût ].

Days of heavy storms over the weekend swelled rivers and caused flooding, mudslides and evacuations across Northern California including the heart of the state's famed wine region in Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

Rain continued to fall in the area on Monday but forecasters said the storms were easing and moving down to Southern California where officials issued flash flood and mudslide warnings in areas torched by recent wildfires.

Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger planned to tour flood-damaged areas in Napa later on Monday and he declared a state of emergency in seven Northern California counties hit by the storms.

Winemakers in Napa Valley, however, escaped damage because vines are dormant this time of the year and growers plant cover crops to hold the soil during the off season, said Terry Hall, a spokesman for trade group Napa Valley Vintners.

He also noted it was not uncommon for floods to cover vineyards during the rainy season in a region that makes up a large chunk of the state's $15 billion wine industry.

"The grape vines are really completely shut down and there is no growth going on," Hall said. "They can sit under water."

Water levels dropped in the Napa River at Napa where officials said the costs from the storms could reach $50 million and that some 600 homes and 150 businesses suffered damages.



The wet weather also made for a soggy Rose Parade

in Pasadena in suburban Los Angeles,

where it rained at the annual event

for the first time since 1955.

Spectators wore rain jackets

and many covered themselves with sheets of plastic

as [ alors que, pendant ] floats and marching bands

passed by.

Forecasters were predicting heavy thunderstorms

with wind gusts of up to 50 mph possible

stirring up rough surf and ocean swells along the coast.

(Additional reporting by Bernie Woodall in Los Angeles)

Northern California cleans up as storms move south, R, 2.1.2006,










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as > différents sens



as > lien discursif et / ou logique



as > sens > effet, conséquence directe



as conjonction / after conjonction



as > détermination de N

par une proposition (SVO) en as



proposition en as : traductions






as ... as -> Adverbes, Adjectifs, Syntaxe






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