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grammaire anglaise > conjonctions > unless


unless + N + besubjonctif



unless + N + prétérit modal



unless + N + présent










unless + N + présent




Unless we think imaginatively,

benefits will be consigned to history


Tom Clark

Rather than fight each and every cut to benefits,

the left needs to a new way of making welfare viable


Wednesday 11 May 2016

18.02 BST

The Guardian


Unless we think imaginatively,
benefits will be consigned to history,
G, 11 May 2016,






Three United Nations workers,

held hostage and pictured in a video released yesterday,

will be executed on Wednesday

unless British forces leave Afghanistan and Muslim prisoners

are released from Guantánamo Bay,

their Taliban kidnappers demanded yesterday.

Video threat to kill UN hostages, G, 1.11.2004,















unless + N + prétérit modal




BAGHDAD (Reuters) -

Militants led by Washington's top foe in Iraq

said they would kill an American and a Briton on Tuesday

unless their demands were met,

a day after they released

footage showing them severing the head of another U.S. hostage.

American and Briton Face Beheading in Iraq, G, 21.9.2004,






In a video tape of Mr Johnson released on Tuesday night,

the kidnappers said they would kill him in three days

unless the Saudi government released all the militants in its prisons.

The Saudis rejected the demand.

Washington said it would use every appropriate resource

to gain Johnson's release but would make no concessions.

Al-Qaida 'behead' US hostage, G, 18.6.2004,















unless + N + besubjonctif




‘So much we know, and the rest may be found out.

I do not mean at all to say

that he should be allowed to have his own way.

I think too much of my sister for that.

But, in this matter,

we ought to regard simply her happiness and her welfare;

—and in considering that you ought to be prepared

for her coming marriage.

You may take it for granted

that she will choose to give herself,

sooner or later, to some man.

Give a girl good looks, and good sense, and good health,

and she is sure to wish to be some man’s wife,

—unless she be deterred [ base verbale au passif,

équivalent du présent du subjonctif en français :

à moins que ... ne l'en dissuade ]

by some conventual superstition.’

Anthony Trollope, John Caldigate, Chapter XVIII : Robert Bolton,

Originally published in serial form in 1879
Rendered into HTML on Wednesday March 24 2004, by Steve Thomas
eBooks@Adelaide 2004 http://etext.library.adelaide.edu.au/t/trollope_a/caldigate/index.html