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grammaire anglaise > conjonctions > where


proposition (SVO) + whereconjonction + proposition (SVO)


wherepronom relatif            wherepronom indéterminé




The Guardian        Society 1        p. 13        21.6.2006














Ne pas confondre where conjonction,

qui relie deux propositions (SVO),

avec where pronom relatif.



Dans l'énoncé suivant,

le segment introduit par le relatif where

contribue à déterminer le GN antécédent the site.



Ce segment est une relative déterminative :

where the Archangel Gabriel revealed to Mary

that she was carrying the son of God.



L'ensemble Nantécédent + pronomrelatif + proposition (s)

forme un GN complexe :


the site where the Archangel Gabriel revealed to Mary

that she was carrying the son of God




A shopkeeper running a small souvenir business in Nazareth

has made a sensational discovery

that could dramatically rewrite the history of Christianity.

Jonathan Cook reports


Elias Shama's small souvenir shop in Nazareth,

the town of Jesus's childhood, barely catches the eye.

Tourists usually pass by it on their way

to the neighbouring Mary's Well church,

claimed by the Greek Orthodox church

as the site where the Archangel Gabriel

revealed to Mary that she was carrying the son of God.

    Is this where Jesus bathed?, G, 22.10.2003,




On retrouve la même formation dans la publicité ci-dessus,

avec le GN complexe

A family friendly city where no child is left behind.






Where conjonction relie deux propositions :


SAMARRA, Iraq (Reuters) -

U.S. and Iraqi forces on Sunday declared victory in Samarra


[ where n'a pas ici de fonction nominale,

il s'agit d'une conjonction

qui opère un lien / une jonction sémantique

entre deux propositions ]

they battled hundreds of guerrillas

in the first step of a drive to take back

all of Iraq's rebel-held areas by year's end..

    U.S., Iraqi Forces Tighten Grip on Samarra, R, Sun Oct 3, 2004 06:01 AM ET,






Where pronom indéterminé / non relatif :


"It's up to the international community

to put pressure on the warlords," says Mohmodzai.

"It should ask them, for example,

where they get their money from.

They all own several Land Cruisers worth $45,000 each,

but no one asks them how they can afford them."

Guns still call the shots in Afghanistan, G / Weekly Review, 2004,