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grammaire anglaise > déterminants + N > quantificateurs + N > most + Npluriel


The Guardian        9.6.2004















The Guardian        Work        p. 12        22.10.2005




















Exclusive poll shows most universities to levy full fee:

Universities to charge top rates for most courses

Two-thirds of universities in England are preparing to charge students

the maximum "top-up" fee of £3,000 for all their courses,

according to a Guardian survey published today

which reveals deep-seated unease

about the funding system being introduced in two years' time.

Colleges will charge top rates for all courses, G, 21.9.2004,






College students in the US, most [ pronom ] of whom are officially barred

from drinking alcohol by laws that fix the minimum age for buying at 21,

are killing themselves at a rate of 1,400 a year in drink related incidents,

according to a report released yesterday.

Alcohol kills 1,400 American students a year, study says, GE, p. 6, 10.4.2002.










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déterminants + N


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