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the more ... the less


the sooner the better






The more he justifies his decision to go to war,

the less the public trusts him.

Braced for criticism from an inquiry

he has every reason to dread, the Prime Minister,

for all the clamour, has little to fear

- even from his rivals and enemies

He will survive Butler, but can he ever regain our trust?
Headline and sub, IoS, 11.7.2004,






Earlier this week, Jack Straw, the foreign secretary,

made unusually forthright criticisms of the Bush administration.

Peter Hain, leader of the Commons, followed suit yesterday

with a strong statement on the US's abuse of prisoners.

"It is a stain on the coalition

and the sooner the better it is got control of

- and eradicated - then we can move forward," he told MPs.

Blair urged to loosen ties with US: Ministers call for public disengagement,
G, 14.5.2004,




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