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grammaire anglaise > groupe nominal > détermination du nom (N)


N + segment (s) déterminant (s) en -ing


GN complexe en -ing


American Fighting for ISIS Is Killed in Syria





Police hidden camera showing movement around Mr. Crime's camera


Dick Tracy

by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis


June 10, 2012















American Fighting for ISIS

Is Killed in Syria

    American Fighting for ISIS Is Killed in Syria, NYT, 26.8.2014,






Man dies after Taser arrest near Bolton


IPCC to investigate police use of Taser to subdue man, 53

the third fatal arrest using stun gun or pepper spray

in a week


[ using stun gun or pepper spray est un segment en-ing

déterminant the third fatal arrest ... in a week ;

sur le plan sémantique, le GN complexe

the third fatal arrest using stun gun or pepper spray

définit une catégorie d'arrestations

où le suspect est tué par un Taser ou un gaz "paralysant" ]

Man dies after Taser arrest near Bolton, G, 24.8.2011,






Practical Traveler

Calling From Abroad at Reasonable Rates


January 1, 2006
The New York Times


WHILE internationally capable cell phones

make calling home from abroad convenient,

they're not always the most economical choice.


For travelers looking for inexpensive alternatives,


[ looking for inexpensive alternatives

est un segment en-ing qui détermine / catégorise travelers ;

sur le plan sémantique, le GN complexe

travelers looking for inexpensive alternative

définit une catégorie de voyageurs,

ceux qui recherchent un mode de communication

peu coûteux ]


there are several options:

new Internet-based voice services, callback services

and one of the most low-tech - and low-cost- options:

prepaid calling cards.

    Calling From Abroad at Reasonable Rates, NYT, 1.1.2006,






A petition containing 30,000 signatures

calling for teachers to be granted

anonymity in cases of allegations of abuse

[ deux segments en -ing déterminent le GN A petition ]

was delivered to parliament today.

    Teachers demand anonymity in abuse cases, G, 9.6.2004,






Mourners bearing flags, flowers

and even jars of his beloved jelly beans began arriving

before dawn at a nearby college to be taken to the library

so they could file past the casket of the 40th president.

    Family Mourns as America Pays Tribute to Reagan, R, 7.6.2004,






An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter

struck southeastern Iran Friday,

killing and injuring many people in the city of Bam,

a senior Iranian official said.

    Top Official: Many Killed, Injured in Iran Quake, R, 26.12.2003,






The Vatican instructed Catholic bishops around the world

to cover up cases of sexual abuse

or risk being thrown out of the Church.

The Observer has obtained

a 40-year-old confidential document

from the secret Vatican archive

which lawyers are calling

a 'blueprint for deception and concealment'.

One British lawyer acting for Church child abuse victims

has described it as 'explosive'.

The 69-page Latin document bearing the seal of Pope

John XXIII was sent to every bishop in the world.

The instructions outline a policy of 'strictest' secrecy

in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse

and threatens those who speak out with excommunication.

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse: Expulsion threat in secret documents,
O, 17.8.2003, http://observer.guardian.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,1020400,00.html










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