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grammaire anglaise > groupe nominal > -ing > sens / valeur


séquence-ing autonome (gérondif)


valeurs > état, difficulté, problème, problématique




















Time        August 8, 2005        Vol. 166 No. 6

































Being Cherie

[ Gérondif autonome > valeur > état ]


Cherie Blair reveals precious little

in her book on life in the Downing Street 'fishbowl',

but what have the past seven years

really been like for Britain's first lady?

Has she managed to redefine

the role of prime minister's spouse

- or fallen victim to a demanding public

and a ruthless press?

And what is it with her and money?

Fiona Millar, who worked for Cherie for eight years,

knows better than most.

Here, for the first time,

she describes the perilous tightrope

any Downing Street wife must walk

Headline and sub, G, 16.9.2004,










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formes nominales



formes nominales > pronoms






Impératif vs Gérondif



Ne pas confondre

gérondif et participe / segment en -ing



Syntaxe > Segment en -ing



GN + to + GNgérondif



GV + GNgérondif



prépositions + N



to -> BV : fiction du jamais-dit



to -> BV : entrée en syntaxe



formes en -ing