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grammaire anglaise > pronoms


pronoms ou noms indéfinis / indéterminés > reprise au pluriel




(someone, everyone...)




noms indéfinis

(a person,

the customer,

every new chancellor...)




Vconjugué à la 3ème personne du singulier


everybody needs somebody to love








des pronoms, N, GN indéfinis




sans référent précis;

on est dans la généralité,

on ne parle pas

de quelqu'un en particulier,

exemple de GNindéfini :

a person)


par :



- un pronom pluriel



- theypronom pluriel sujet + Vpluriel



Because someone is dead

doesn't mean they're gone.






- thempronom pluriel objet 


Everyone knows

what we think of them.






- themselvespronom réféléchi pluriel objet


if that person is listening or watching,

they will find it within themselves

to look at us and give her back.






- theiradjectif possessif pluriel + N


How do you analyze

a person's mood from their tweets?

What We Learned About The Mood Of Trump's Tweets,

NPR, April 30, 2017,





Every new chancellor wants to set

their own budget after an election.


















Because someone is dead

doesn't mean they're gone.


Gothika poster        added 18.9.2004


















Where is everyone?


They were expelled.



Gary Varvel

The Indianapolis Star-News



14 April 2006

















The Guardian        p. 19        4 June 2007
















The Guardian        17 May 2004















pronoms et noms indéfinis / indéterminés > reprise au pluriel


autres énoncés



A stranger saved her daughter's life,

but Sunita has never been able to thank them


April 25, 2022



















Even if they can find a test,

not everyone wants to know

they have COVID


February 1, 2022



















































































1 : Remarquer le pluriel distributif (their lives), fréquent en anglais.


2 : Reprise de child en its (// baby -> its).




1 -    "But who wants to face a $98 billion debt

for the rest of their lives? I was scared."

Source à préciser, 2003.


2 -    It is an exciting,

exacting and constantly changing environment

which will often challenge even the most able.

It does, however, have its rewards:

the satisfactory conclusion to a successful investigation,

the lost child reunited with its parents,

or assisting the elderly person

who has locked themselves out of their home.

"'We need a committed, dedicated staff to embrace these challenges',
I, Police, p. III, 16.9.2003






Nobody lies about their dad

– writers and rock stars

reflect on their fathers


Monday 23 May 2016

17.11 BST

Last modified on Monday 23 May 2016

18.31 BST

‘Nobody lies about their dad’
– writers and rock stars reflect on their fathers,
23 May 2016,






Could You Come Up With $400

If Disaster Struck?


April 23, 2016

6:26 PM ET




On redefining what it means

to be part of the American middle class


We do need to redefine that.

But that's a very, very tall order.

But the beginning is to have Americans

who are suffering from financial impotence

— which is nearly half of America

if you believe this data —

it's them coming out and saying,

"You want to know something?

I'm tired of feeling like a failure

because I'm told

that everybody in America ought to be rich

if only they work hard."

Could You Come Up With $400 If Disaster Struck?,
April 23, 2016,






These children of Thatcher

are free to cut, cut, cut

– and they’re loving every minute


George Osborne and David Cameron

have been waiting for this moment

– to take us back to a prewar, pre-welfare government


Thursday 21 May 2015

11.51 BST

Last modified on Thursday 21 May 2015

15.29 BST

The Guardian

Polly Toynbee


Every new chancellor wants

to set their own budget after an election.

But George Osborne isn’t a new chancellor.

He inherits his own 2015-16 plan,

and yet last night he told the Confederation of British Industry

he will reopen it to cut more,

tearing up every departmental and agency budget

after contracts are signed halfway through the year.


These children of Thatcher are free to cut, cut, cut
– and they’re loving every minute,
G, 21 May 2015,






Officials Defend Handling of Ferguson Case


FEB. 20, 2015

The New York Times



ST. LOUIS — Last November, as a grand jury was wrapping up its review of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer in Ferguson, the prosecutor hoped that the decision could be announced on a Sunday morning. At that time, he reasoned, many people would be in church or at home, and the chances of a violent protest might be reduced.

But the grand jury could not finish in time, the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch, told a law school audience here on Friday. Instead, it finished its work on a Monday and its decision to not indict the police officer was announced that evening. Protests followed that night, leading to looting and arson that left Ferguson’s downtown devastated.

Speaking to a symposium on Ferguson at the St. Louis University School of Law, Mr. McCulloch defended the timing of the announcement, along with his handling of the grand jury, which was widely criticized in the days after the rioting.

“What was going to happen was going to happen that night, regardless of the timing of that announcement,” Mr. McCulloch said.

Mr. McCulloch’s talk was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, one of whom wore a judge’s robe and spoke about the “trial of Bob McCulloch.” Mr. McCulloch tried to continue his remarks during the protests, but responded when one protester began a chant of “black lives matter.”

“I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure all lives matter,” the prosecutor said.

In the aftermath of the grand jury decision, critics said that Mr. McCulloch and his assistants had presented evidence in ways that favored the police officer, Darren Wilson, and cast doubt on the victim, Michael Brown. On Friday, Mr. McCulloch devoted much of his talk to rebutting such criticism, which included that he gave incorrect instructions to the grand jury and that his assistants were not tough enough in their questioning of witnesses who supported Officer Wilson’s version of events.

“Any lawyer understands fully that every witness is different,” he said. “You do what’s best to keep them talking.”

With the State Legislature considering several bills that would further regulate the police, Mr. McCulloch urged the lawmakers to avoid “knee-jerk” actions. He raised concerns in particular about a bill that would abolish the grand jury process in state cases and another that would require a special prosecutor to investigate police shootings.

Both Mr. McCulloch and the St. Louis County police chief, Jon Belmar, who also spoke Friday, endorsed a measure to limit the amount of revenue from traffic tickets that can be kept by municipalities. One bill, sponsored by State Senator Eric Schmitt, a Republican, would drop the cap to 10 percent from 30 percent for large municipalities.

“It decreases our legitimacy as law enforcement when the only thing police officers are out to do is write tickets,” Chief Belmar said. “It is immoral.”

Chief Belmar raised privacy concerns about a bill that would require police officers to wear body cameras. He said that he and the state attorney general, Chris Koster, were concerned that the footage could be misused.

Regarding the night of the grand jury announcement, Chief Belmar said,
“I don’t know what we could have done better.” Echoing Gov. Jay Nixon, Chief Belmar said that law enforcement’s response to the unrest was successful because no lives were lost. He contrasted Ferguson with other cities where people died during rioting, including Los Angeles in 1992.

“From the 10th day of August to the 17th of December, the day we ended operations, not one person lost their life,” he said.

Officials Defend Handling of Ferguson Case, NYT,
FEB. 20, 2015,






11th Body,

Believed to Be of Missing Woman,

Is Found


December 13, 2011

The New York Times




They had planned to gather on Tuesday,

on the barren shore along Ocean Parkway on Long Island,

to remember the victims of a suspected serial killer,

the remains found scattered among the area’s

shrouded thickets over the past year.

Instead, they paid special respects to the woman

whose disappearance unfurled this grim string of mysteries in the first place.

Hours before relatives of some of the victims were to hold their vigil,

law enforcement officials said they had discovered

what they believed to be the “skeletal remains” of Shannan Gilbert,

a New Jersey prostitute last seen in May 2010.

 [ ... ]

Over the past year,

Ms. Gilbert seemed to find solace in the notion

that her daughter’s disappearance

had shined a light on other victims.

Everyone has their destiny,” she said last spring.

“Maybe this was hers.”

11th Body, Believed to Be of Missing Woman, Is Found,
NYT, 13.12.2011,






For sale is a fully operational Nikon FM body

with body cap and strap.

The screen and mirror are very clean

and there are no dents or damage anywhere.

There is some minor brassing to the black enamel

on the back of the camera - visible in the photographs,

and the remains of a personal address sticker on the baseplate.

I am selling this camera and associated Nikon equipment

for a friend, to whom I will direct any detailed questions

about the camera's past history.

All I (Ivor Matanle) can tell you is

that this is a thoroughly nice looking body

with a bit of dust around and that works well.

And when a Nikon FM works well,

they deliver superb results.

Nikon FM 35mm SLR Film Camera body with cap
- fully operational inc meter, excellent overall, e-Bay,
26 August 2011,






One in 10 suicides

linked to chronic illness,

study finds

Thinktank says much greater attention
should be paid to providing better support
for at-risk patients


Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Guardian

Randeep Ramesh, social affairs editor


At least one person takes their life every day

while suffering from a chronic or terminal illness,

and the government is neglecting this hidden trend,

the thinktank Demos has said.

One in 10 suicides linked to chronic illness, study finds,







The latest internet craze of moblogging

could be exploited by online paedophiles

to "groom" young children, a safety group has warned.

Moblogging is similar to "blogging", the term used for

when children or adults upload photographs

via their computer into their own personal on-line diary.

In moblogging, the user sends the picture

or text message to their internet journal with their mobile phone.

Paedophiles could exploit net craze, PA, 8.2.2005.






'Everyone thinks they're different'


Last week 13-year-old Matthew Girvin died

in hospital in Exmouth from a suspected heroin overdose,

making him one of the drug's youngest victims.

Here, Tony, a 23-year-old former heroin addict

who began taking drugs at 11,

tells how his life fell apart as he was gripped by addiction.

He successfully gave up drugs three years ago

after intensive treatment and counselling

and now runs his own building company in Kent.

Headline and sub,
O, 19.9.2004,






No one was holding their breath

when the Netherlands took over the EU presidency this week,

but its modest approach might - just - pay off, writes Ian Black

Going Dutch, sub, G, 2.7.2004,






One in four employees is planning to quit their jobs,

a survey revealed today.

One in four staff 'plans to resign', G, 5.1.2004,






« Every pilot thinks they’re the best pilot in the world. … »

Sex, scotch and speed, GE2, p. 16, 21.9.2002.






For a great many people,

blue is their favorite colour.

The expert gardener, TGW, 9.8.2003.






His public image suggests

someone a little too serious for their own good.

He admits he has a tendency to overanalyse.

Don’t hurry, be happy, GE2, p. 14, 19.9.2002.






Nobody minds about that, do they?

BBC radio 4, Today, 24-5-2002.


Dans Nobody minds,

la négation s'effectue par le pronom négatif,

pas par le verbe.


Nobody minds = They do not mind


Rappel : un pronom sujet indéterminé comme nobody

est suivi d'un verbe conjugué à la troisième personne du singulier,

mais ce pronom sujet est repris par le pronom sujet déterminé they,

qui est suivi d'un verbe conjugué à la troisième personne du pluriel.






When I pick up Grace from the nursery

I’m always very anxious about getting there on time.

I do not want to be the last one to pick up their child.

‘The roads are worse and rail chaos is normal’, T,  p. 7, 14-3-2002.






Everyone knows what we think of them.

But what do they think of us?

GE, front cover, 31.08.2001.






A person jumps to their death

as flames engulf the World Trade Centre.

GE, G2, photo caption, p. 3, 12.09.2001.






Everyone has

[ énoncé théorique avec l'auxiliaire fantôme does :

does have ]

their share of bad luck,

don’t they?

GE, G2,  headline, p. IV, 15.3.2002.






Mrs (…), a teacher at (…)’s school,

and her husband, an IT consultant,

fear she has been abducted.

Mr (…) said :

« I hope to God if that person is listening or watching,

they will find it within themselves to look at us

and give her back. »

Police carry out fingertip search (...),
p. 5, 28.3.2002.










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