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grammaire anglaise > pronoms > pronoms réfléchis / miroirs


itself, himself, herself, myself, yourself,

ourselves, themselves...




sujet = objet



L'action du verbetransitif

vise le sujet.



Les pronoms réfléchis

marquent une action réflexive,

que l'on se fait à soi-même :


Gunman Kills 2 and Himself

at Movie Theater in Lafayette, La.




'I See Myself In Tamir Rice,'

Says Community Policing Advocate











sujet = objet




Saving Cairo:

A Once Thriving River Town Finds Itself

On Life Support

















How Do You Protect Yourself If The Coronavirus Can Linger In the Air    NPR    2020





How Do You Protect Yourself If The Coronavirus Can Linger In the Air        Video        NPR        1 September 2020


Researchers say airborne transmission is possible,

especially in cramped indoor settings,

but it's unclear how much it contributes to the spread.


Here's how to lower your risks, just in case.


Reported by

Pien Huang/NPR. Animation by Shanti Hands for NPR.

Video produced by

Max Posner and Ben de la Cruz/NPR.














































































































































































pronoms simples    ≠    réfléchis


français : protégez-vous    ≠    anglais : protect yourself



added 4.8.2006
































The Guardian        p. 7        14 March 2006

















The Guardian        Weekend        p. 56        5 November 2005
















The Guardian        Society        p. 19        7 December 2005
















The Guardian        Weekend        p. 94        8 April 2006















Thursday, January 05, 2006
















The Guardian        p. 40        2 December 2005

















NoW        29.5.2005
















The Guardian        p. 2        21 October 2005















One Week in April,

Four Toddlers

Shot and Killed Themselves


MAY 5, 2016

The New York Times






KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sha’Quille Kornegay, 2 years old,

was buried in a pink coffin, her favorite doll by her side

and a tiara strategically placed to hide

the self-inflicted gunshot wound to her forehead.


She had been napping in bed with her father, Courtenay Block,

late last month when she discovered the 9-millimeter handgun

he often kept under his pillow in his Kansas City, Mo., home.

It was equipped with a laser sight that lit up like the red lights

on her cousins’ sneakers. Mr. Block told the police he woke to

see Sha’Quille by his bed, bleeding and crying, the gun at her

feet. A bullet had pierced her skull.


In a country with more than 30,000 annual gun deaths, the

smallest fingers on the trigger belong to children like Sha’Quille.


During a single week in April, four toddlers — Holston, Kiyan,

Za’veon and Sha’Quille — shot and killed themselves, and a

mother driving through Milwaukee was killed after her 2-year-old

apparently picked up a gun that had slid out from under the

driver’s seat. It was a brutal stretch, even by the standards of

researchers who track these shootings.


One Week in April, Four Toddlers Shot and Killed Themselves,
NYT, May 5, 2016,






Gunman Kills 2 and Himself

at Movie Theater in Lafayette, La.


JULY 23, 2015




LAFAYETTE, La. — Three people died and nine were wounded

after a gunman opened fire in a movie theater here on Thursday

night, officials said. The gunman was among the dead.

Gunman Kills 2 and Himself at Movie Theater in Lafayette, La.,
NYT, JULY 23, 2015,






Family of girl who killed herself after arrest

challenges detention policy


Lawyers for Kesia Leatherbarrow’s family issue judicial review

to Home Office’s policy for detention of 17-year-olds by police

Family of girl who killed herself after arrest
challenges detention policy, G, 2.11.2014,






Jail for net pirates

who saw themselves as Robin Hoods


A City professional was jailed

for two and a half years yesterday

for his role in a global gang of internet pirates

behind the UK's biggest software theft.

The Old Bailey heard that Alex Bell, 29,

a Morgan Stanley IT worker,

belonged to an international underground hackers'

organisation - DrinkorDie - which prided itself

on cracking even the most complex security codes

and putting illegally copied software, games,

music and videos on the web before their official release.

Headline and §1, G, 7.5.2005,
http://www.guardian.co.uk/online/story/0,3605,1478602,00.html - broken link






US scientists have taught a monkey

to feed itself using a robotic arm and the power of thought.

The experiment, revealed last night at a meeting

of neuroscientists in San Diego,

offers hope to people with spinal cord injuries.

Monkey trained to use robotic arm, G, 27.10.2004,






See yourself as a Brando-like rebel?

You'd better get permission first


Late actor's estate takes action to protect his image

Headline and sub, G, 18.10.2004,






America is killing itself


In a major investigation Matthew Engel reports

on how America is destroying its environment.

Headline, G web frontpage, 24.10.2003.






AC: So this is an author piece,

it's the best way to describe the films that you make

- you're in them, you write the text that goes into them

and you go out to prove or disprove

something you think needs proving or publicising.

But there's a fine line, isn't there?

You've been accused of being an egomaniac

for the fact that you're in the film.

You must feel self conscious about that

because people know you now

and expect to see you in the film.

But you must want to hold back, a lot of times.


MM: I do. I read that, it's an odd thing.

Clearly I am a person who suffers from a lack of ego.

I mean, if I felt better about myself I wouldn't look this way.

I don't know how to respond to that:

"He puts himself in his film."

Well, I never read that about Woody Allen or Spike Lee.

I exist in my films as a stand-in for the audience.

I'm just there doing what you probably would like to do

and holding back from wanting to choke a few of these people.

I'm just I try to keep my presence pretty low

just because I don't like to look at myself

up there on the screen.

Michael Moore:
US comedian and documentary-maker Michael Moore
explains his thinking on gun control,
American foreign policy,
and making movies to eat popcorn to,
G, 11.11.2002,






The I.R.A. is determined to survive and to win.

Says Sean MacStiofain,

chief of staff of the army's militant Provisional wing:

"This is not just another glorious phase in Irish history.

We must win ...

We will keep the campaign going

regardless of the cost to ourselves,

regardless of the cost to anyone else."

Time, Jan. 10, 1972.






Three more Iranians set themselves alight yesterday

in protest at the arrest in France

of 158 members of the Mojahedin People's Movement of Iran,

which has been banned by all EU states

as a terrorist organisation.

Three more protesters set themselves alight,
GI, p. 10, 20.6.2003.










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