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grammaire anglaise > formes interrogatives > syntaxe


propositions subordonnées interrogatives indirectes > V en fin de séquence


He doesn't know how lucky he is.




The Guardian        Education        p. 1        2 December 2008



















You know what your trouble is?


Peanuts by Charles Schulz


September 15, 2013































Le V / GV d'une proposition subordonnée interrogative indirecte

se trouve après le sujet / en fin de proposition,

à l'inverse du V / GV d'une question directe,

où le verbe se situe avant le sujet.



Question directe :

Where is she?



Question indirecte :

There are no bomb shelters anywhere near where she is.

Frank Doran, Labour MP for Aberdeen Central, Voting against the government,
GE/GE2, P. 7, 19.3.2003.






I slept rough,

but couldn't possibly understand

what it is to be homeless

Headline, O, 27.6.2004,






"The dark energy is spread uniformly through the universe,

latent in empty space. Its nature is a mystery.

Whereas there's a real chance of learning

what the dark matter is within the next five to 10 years,

I'd hold out less hope of understanding the dark energy

unless or until there's a unified theory that takes us closer to

the 'bedrock' of space and time."

Science breakthrough of the year: proof of our exploding universe,
G, 19.12.2003,






"I've always tried to understand what the fourth dimension is."

 Kerosene addict, GE, p. 16, 22.3.2003.






Have you seen how small our prices are?

British Airways ad, GE, p. 1, 15.3.2003.




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