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grammaire anglaise > be + -ing > sens et valeurs


mise en scène de l'information



modal + Base Verbale > valeurs > inédit





modal + be + -ing > valeurs






à du déjà perçu / dit / débattu,

à une caractéristique du Nomsujet






Face masks:

can they slow the coronavirus spread

- and should we be wearing them?



















Private Eye

c. 2004




"Sorry I will not be inventing anything today!"

- Leonardo



Le prédicat inventing something today

est inhérent au sujet Leonardo (da Vinci) :

Leonardo a cette capacité inhérente

d'inventer sans cesse.



Les curieux assemblés

devant la demeure de l'illustre inventeur

sont persuadés, s'attendent,

croient, présupposent

qu'il est dans sa nature

de faire une invention par jour.



Même Leonardo,

en dépit de son refus / de sa dénégation,

 I will not be inventing anything today!

se conforme à ce qui est prévisible,

attendu de lui,

en lançant comme si de rien n'était

sa "non-invention" du jour :

le parachute.

















I'll bet you'll be wanting to buy some oxygen!


Traduction explicative :

J'parie que vous avez un besoin urgent d'oxygène!


Sous-entendu :

d'après ce que je vois / ce que je sais, j'en déduis que...


Steve Greenberg


23 May 2012

Steve Greenberg

is an editorial cartoonist and artist in Southern California,

drawing for the Ventura County Reporter and LAObserved.


































The prime minister, Tony Blair, today said
in a Downing Street statement:

"The shadow of Saddam has finally lifted from the Iraqi people. We give thanks for that, but let this be more than a case simply for rejoicing. Let it be a moment to reach out and reconcile.

To the Sunnis, whose allegiance Saddam falsely claimed, I say there is a place for you playing a full part in a new and democratic Iraq. To those formerly in Saddam's party, there by force and not by conviction, I say we can put the past behind us.

Where his rule meant terror and division and brutality, let his capture bring about reconciliation and peace between all the people in Iraq.

Saddam is gone from power. He will not be coming back. That the Iraqi people now know, and it is they who will decide his future.

And in Iraq today we work hard, the coalition forces from 30 different nations and Iraqis who love their country and who work hard with us to rebuild Iraq to nurture its wealth for all its people.

In the timetable we have established, power will be handed over to the Iraqis to run Iraq as a sovereign, independent state, based on the principles of justice, democracy and the rule of law.

Full text: prime minister's statement
· 'Let it be moment to reconcile'
· Iraqis to decide Saddam's future
· 'Now is a time of great opportunity'

G, 14.12.2003,






America began saying a long farewell to Ronald Reagan yesterday at the start of a week of commemoration that will culminate in a state funeral the like of which has not been seen in Washington since the death of Lyndon Johnson in 1973.

After lying in state at his presidential library in Simi Valley, California, Mr Reagan's body will be flown across the country on Wednesday to Washington, where it will lie in state at the US Capitol.

On Friday, the day of the funeral, the procession will pause near the White House on its route to Washington's National Cathedral.

US prepares long farewell for Reagan, G, first §§, 7.6.2004,






At 6.19am BST on Tuesday a tiny black disc will creep across the face of the sun. Venus, the second rock from the sun, will move directly between the Earth and its parent star in a rare celestial phenomenon known as the transit of Venus.

The six-hour event will be watched - on projected screens, or via television and internet - by hundreds of millions. No human alive has ever seen a transit of Venus; the last was in 1881. The last one visible in its entirety in Britain was in 1283. The next transit visible from the UK will be in 2247.

This transit will be visible from the UK, Europe and Africa in the morning; it will be seen in the middle of the day across the Middle East, Russia and India, and during the late afternoon from Australia and the far east. Paradoxically, no one will see the event directly, with the naked eye: the sun is too dangerously bright and Venus too small for any sense of dramatic eclipse.

It is 6.19am, a black spot transits the sun...
and Venus lovers are in heaven, G, 5.6.2004,










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be + -ing



be + -ing

valeurs > futur programmé, futur prophétique







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