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grammaire anglaise > be + -ing > sens et valeurs


continuum discursif,

référenciation / anaphore


reprise, commentaire, opinion,

interprétation, déduction, décryptage,






I take it I'm not going to be getting a car when I turn 16.


Traduction explicative

de cette séquence à double marqueur -ing :


En clair / Si je comprends bien, ça veut dire que

j'vais pas avoir de voiture quand j'aurai 16 ans.


Freshly Squeezed

by Ed Stein


May 20, 2012


















That... symbol on his ring... and on the...

He's telling us the island is under his protection...

He's telling us not to go back, Dodd...



Valeur de be + -ing dans ces énoncés / Traduction explicative :

Interprétation / dramatisation / intimation :

ce qu'il veut nous dire / nous faire comprendre,

c'est que l'île est sous sa protection.



The Phantom        George Olesen and Graham Nolan

Created by Lee Falk        31.12.2004 / 1.1.2005



















Mike Thompson

Detroit Free Press





















Doonesbury        Garry Trudeau        1.5.2004
















Why Bush's man is fighting dirty


Bush's campaign mastermind has a simple rule:

attack your opponent's strengths.

As the polls show, it works.

Headline and sub, O, 5.9.2004,






'The system has serious faults'


A growing number of fathers

are protesting that family courts

are not giving them a fair deal.

Lord Justice Wall tells Clare Dyer

that many judges feel frustrated too

Last week Channel 4's political award went to Dr David Kelly,

the viewers' choice for "the person who made the most important

contribution to British politics in 2003".


The runners-up were Robin Cook, Tony Blair,

George Galloway, Benjamin Zephaniah - and David Chick.


Chick was the 37-year-old father who spent six days

in the news last November,

dressed as Spiderman atop a 100ft crane,

demanding access to his daughter and causing traffic chaos

around Tower Bridge in London.

Viewers nominated him for "highlighting the scandalous way

in which fathers get treated by the courts

over contact with their children".

Other fathers have scaled bridges

and two dressed as Batman and Robin

climbed the ramparts of the Royal Courts of Justice

in central London.

But are the judges inside taking any notice?


These militant fathers may not be making much difference

to judges'= decisionsin individual cases,

but their antics are creating pressure to reform the system.

"They're putting it very much at the top of the political agenda,"

says appeal court judge Sir Nicholas Wall.

"I think the government is realising that this is an issue that has to be


Headline, sub and first §§, G, 12.3.2004,










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