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grammaire anglaise > verbe à particule adverbiale + préposition + N


formes verbales quasi-équivalentes / quasi synonymes





Allies move in on top terrorist


Bigley's executioner 'holed up in Kirkuk'

as death toll in Iraq resumes pre-election levels


Iraq's most wanted terrorist,

the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi,

is hiding out in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

after fleeing from Mosul, according to police sources.

The claim comes barely days after the Iraq's interim

government said that it was close to catching the jihadist,

whose group has been behind the beheadings of foreign

hostages, including Briton Kenneth Bigley,

and suicide bombings.

Headline, O, 13.2.2005,










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verbes à particule adverbiale / verbes à préposition / verbes à préfixe


prépositions + N