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grammaire anglaise > -ing > formes avec ou sans -ing > séquence en -ing


adjectif / séquence adjectivale en -ing


The award-winning new Panda





N-ing sujet ou objet


Ali's boldest move

— and most controversial —

came in 1967.


At the height of the Vietnam War,

he refused induction into the U.S. military,

saying, "I ain't got no quarrel

with them Viet Cong."


"My intention is to box,

to win a clean fight.


But in war,

the intention is to kill, kill, kill, kill

and continue killing innocent people," he said.

[ N-ing objet ]







Increasing the use of colour has...

[ N-ing sujet ]






Leaving EU

'could cause catastrophic worker shortages'

[ N-ing sujet ]

















beauxiliaire + -ing > [ellipse de beauxiliaire ]


Climate change [ is ] disrupting life cycles with fatal results















mise en sens > -ing > reprise > valeurs


déjà-dit, acquis, évidence,

indiscutable, prouvé, vérifié, certifié, assimilé,

re-connu, répété, rengaine, perpétuel





The award-winning new Panda from £5995


[adjectif / séquence adjectivale en -ing]

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formes en -ing




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