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grammaire anglaise > prépositions > during / for + N > sens


during / for (pendant, durant, au cours de) + N
















during + événement, période, époque

(durée non quantifiée, sauf exceptions)


during + N



the coronavirus crisis


the 2016 election


a combat operation


Hurricane Katrina


the war, the Civil War, World War II, the second world war


President Bush’s first term


an immigration protest rally


the first half of the East Regional final


the May 9 raid near Samarra, Iraq


his news conference


a recent interview with The New York Times


the second round of the CA Championship


a search for suspects


their arraignment


the trial


that trip


the weekend


these years
























déterminant (the, a) + quantificateur + N



the five-month period between October and February



a three-day pre-auction showing



a three-day pre-auction showing



a 63-minute press conference



















N avec déterminant (a) + adverbe (nearly) + quantificateur



a nearly three-hour visit to the medical center



















quantificateur zéro + N


during ø WWII






















N avec adverbe (almost) + quantificateur


Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother,

who has died at the age of 101,

was [ prétérit ] the Mother Earth

and Mother Courage of her family

during almost 80 years of public life.

A life of legend, duty and devotion, GE, p. 10, 1.4.2002,

















during    ≠    for



for + durée


for ø years


for ø decades






for + quantificateur (ø, a, three, five, several, many, a few, etc.)







Eat For 10 Hours. Fast For 14.

This Daily Habit Prompts Weight Loss,

Study Finds

December 8, 2019    6:00 AM ET        NPR




















for / in (pendant, durant) + durée quantifiée


V au prétérit / présent perfect



In Turnabout,

Infant Deaths Climb in South


April 22, 2007

The New York Times




For Ø decades

[ durant / pendant plusieurs décennies ],

Mississippi and neighboring states

with large black populations

and expanses of enduring poverty

made [ prétérit ] steady progress

in reducing infant death.


But, in what health experts call an ominous portent,

progress has stalled [ present perfect ]

and in recent years

the death rate has risen [ present perfect ]

in Mississippi and several other states.

In Turnabout, Infant Deaths Climb in South, NYT, 22.4.2007,










for (depuis) + durée + GV au present perfect



I haven't seen him for Ø years


Traductions explicatives :

Je ne l'ai pas vu depuis des années,

Ca fait des années que je ne l'ai pas vu










for (pendant, durant)

est suivi d'un quantificateur (for Ø / four / many months).


La quantification peut être

indéterminée et sous-entendue (quantificateur Ø),

ou imprécise :


For a time

[ traduction explicative : pendant un certain temps, un temps ],

the police gave [ prétérit ] the data to the City Council

with some regularity.

But the frequency of the reports slowed,

and in February 2006,

the department released data for the third quarter of 2003.

Then, the flow of data stopped. Until yesterday.

But city leaders came under criticism

as well for failing to more forcefully demand the data.

“The City Council has failed to ensure

that the Police Department is producing the reports,

as required by the statute”

said Christopher Dunn of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

“As a result,

it has not been doing any monitoring of stop-and-frisk activity,

which was the very point of the statute.”

Number of People Stopped by Police Soars in New York, NYT, 3.2.2007,





Voir aussi > quantification indéterminée > ø + N










during + quantificateur + N

est considéré

comme agrammatical (*)




* During five decades, Brakhage made nearly 380 films,

most of them shot in 8mm or 16mm,

and ranging in length from nine seconds to four hours.

Stan Brakhage obituary, GE, p. 12, 15.3.2003.





Par contre, la séquence

during + quantificateur + N + préposition + N

est considérée correcte :


During 12 days at the station,

the shuttle astronauts performed five spacewalks,

a number previously seen only

during Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions.

Three of the excursions were needed to assemble Dextre

and the others to deploy experiments,

examine a malfunctioning rotary joint

on a truss holding solar power panels,

and stow a long shuttle-inspection boom

that the Discovery will retrieve and use

on the next shuttle mission.

Space Shuttle Completes 16-Day Mission, and Lands,






Familiar Disputes Face US - Russia


June 14, 2007
Filed at 11:25 a.m. ET
The New York Times



-- A U.S.-Russian dispute over a missile shield

in Eastern Europe is too complicated to be resolved

during two days of talks next month

between President Bush and President Vladimir Putin,

a Kremlin spokesman said Thursday.

Familiar Disputes Face US - Russia, NYT, 14.6.2007






During ten years in Downing Street,

Tony Blair won three general elections,

waged five wars and reinvented the way Britain is governed.

    G, 10.5.2007.






"These are objects that were growing to planethood,

but something stopped that process of growth mid-gestation,"

Stern said. "It left us these fossil relics."

During five months prior to New Horizons' closest approach to Pluto

and for one month after, scientists hope to collect information

about Pluto's surface and its ethereal atmosphere,

which is shedding into interstellar space like the tail of a comet.

The probe will be moving too fast to slow down

and enter into orbit around Pluto.

Rather, after an extensive study of Pluto,

its primary moon Charon and two other

recently discovered small moons,

New Horizons is expected to position itself

to encounter at least one other,

still-to-be-determined Pluto-like world.

    NASA counts down to Pluto probe launch, R, Mon Jan 16, 2006 6:55 PM ET,




















prépositions > during / for (pendant, durant)


autres énoncés














For decades, wealthy shoppers were forced to avert their eyes

from the architectural carbuncle of Bowater House

as they swept in and out of Harvey Nichols.

As the London property market burnt white hot,

developers realised that the stunning views afforded

from this unloved 1950s office block,

marooned amid some of the world's most desirable real estate,

were wasted on the ordinary mortals who laboured within.

    Property: Demand 'off the scale' for £84m Hyde Park penthouse, I, 8.2.2007,






The Met Office issued an early warning of severe weather.

A statement said:

"The Met Office is expecting a period of heavy snow

to develop across south-west England

and much of Wales during Wednesday night

and this is expected to extend across the Midlands, London,

the south-east and East Anglia during Thursday morning.

"There is also a risk that the snow will extend

into parts of northern England

for a time before dying away from all areas

during Thursday afternoon."

    Britain faces heaviest snow in years, G, 6.2.2007,






During a check of the parking lot,

an officer followed Mrs. Nowak and watched her throw away

a bag containing the wig and a BB gun.

They also found a steel mallet, a 4-inch folding knife,

rubber tubing, rubber gloves, $600 in cash, love letters

— all in bags and in her car, the police said.

During the July shuttle mission last year,

Mrs. Nowak’s tasks included operating a robotic arm.

Commander Oefelein served on a mission

by space shuttle Discovery in December.

    Astronaut Charged with Attempted Kidnapping, NYT, 6.2.2007,






The cold also brought calls for help

from car owners faced with dead batteries and frozen locks.

''During the weekend, 10,000 motorists called for assistance.

And that's a record in recent years,''

Nancy Cain, spokeswoman for AAA Michigan, said Monday.

'This morning we've already had 300 calls for help.''

    Below - Zero Temps Close Schools, NYT, 5.2.2007,






For 70 years, until his death two years ago,

and long after the Internet became commonplace,

Mr Powell systematically and compulsively made contact

with other ham radio operators in at least 151 countries.

   The Lure of Amateur Radio In a World Before the Web,
    NYT/Le Monde, 11/12.5.2003.






The public dressing down for Mr Blair came

during a 63-minute press conference

staged by the two men at Mr Putin's private residence

outside Moscow.

We are not with you and we don't believe you, GE/GE2, p. 1, 30.4.2003.






During the early 1970s,

T Rex was one of Britain's pop music sensations,

inspiring "T Rexstacy" in teenage audiences.

Mickey Finn, GE, p. 12, 18.1.2003.






During the 80s,

growing international horror at the injustices of apartheid

prompted a proliferation of boycott campaigns.

Power to the people, GE Review, p.4, 20.12.2002.






Out of harm's way:

A team of US medics ducks below the blades

of a Blackhawk rescue helicopter

during a training exercise yesterday

in the northern Kuwaiti desert

Photo caption, Thousands join US cyber-rehearsal for war, T, p. 4, 09.12.2002.






1,440,500 Indians fought for Britain during the first world war

An empire at war, Soldiers of the empire, GE2, p. 7, 6.11.2002.






Tony Kaye earned a reputation for eccentric behaviour

during his time as a commercials director in Britain.

Losing it, GE2, p. II, 25.10.2002.






« He just hopes he won’t be interrupted

during the speech he plans to deliver in front of the judges. »

Milosevic stands trial before the world, GW, p. 1, 14/20.2.2002.






But during the past few weeks there has been growing evidence of...

Afghans still dying as strikes go on. But no one is counting, GW, p. 2, 14/20.2.2002.










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