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Kenneth Clarke issued an open appeal

to Conservative MPs to back him yesterday,

as he signalled that he is ready to stand

in the leadership contest this autumn.

The former Chancellor, previously thought unlikely

to enter the battle, caused a wave of surprise at Westminster

by indicating he would be willing to put his name forward

if he received sufficient support from his colleagues.

Clarke: back me as leader > Former Chancellor throws his hat in the ring,
O, first §§, 15.5.2005,






Bullying is a high-profile issue.

On Friday an inquest heard that 13-year-old  [X]

from Neath in South Wales took her own life

after being constantly picked on at school.

But it is part of a much wider problem

faced by schools and families alike.

'A bully broke my daughter's nose. The injury nearly killed her
- yet the school did nothing to stop the attacks'
The teenager went to hospital twice after assaults by a classmate.
In the latest of our special reports,
Nicholas Pyke finds out what angry parents like Sue Groves can do
when schools fail to act, IoS, 15.5.2005,










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