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grammaire anglaise > prépositions > into + N > différents sens




Mark Kauzlarich for The New York Times


Everybody Into the Pool


JUNE 1, 2016
















N + into + N


everybody into the pool


fantasy into reality















structure résultative


Vtransitif  +  Nobjet  +  into  +  Nobjet / résultat


I'll trick him

into divorcing you and marrying me!





Last Kiss

by John Lustig    Gocomics

February 28, 2014















Vtransitif  +  into  +  Nobjet


I ran into my old friend Barbara today





Luann by Greg Evans


August 21, 2016
















syntaxe > Nobjet antéposé


Nobjet antéposé  +  Nsujet  Vtransitif  +  Nobjet  +  into


A Father Vows To Save His Daughter

From A Marriage He Forced Her Into




















prépositions  > into + N > autres énoncés
































































































































































































































The Guardian        p. 1        12 April 2007
















The Guardian        p. 1        24 August 2006
















The Guardian        Money        p. 1        2 June 2007















Brexit: a journey into the unknown

for a country never before so divided


Sunday 26 June 2016

05.03 BST

Last modified on Sunday 26 June 2016

07.46 BST

The Guardian


a journey into the unknown for a country never before so divided,
26 June, 2016,





Newly Discovered Exoplanet

Provides Glimpse Into Jupiter's Past


August 14, 2015

1:10 PM ET



The discovery of a new planet

about 100 light years from Earth

could provide clues as to what Jupiter was like

early in the life of our solar system.


The new exoplanet, 51 Eridani b,

is thought to be just 20 million years old,

a tiny fraction of the age of Jupiter,

which was formed along

with the rest of the solar system

about 4.5 billion years ago.

Newly Discovered Exoplanet Provides Glimpse Into Jupiter's Past,
NPR, August 14, 2015,






Elizabeth MacLennan obituary


Actor, writer and co-founder of 7:84,

the touring company that left

an indelible mark on British theatre


Monday 29 June 2015

17.42 BST

The Guardian


She was born in Glasgow into a distinguished medical family.

Her father, Hector, was an obstetrician and her mother, Isobel,

a public health doctor.

Liz enjoyed an undeniably privileged upbringing,

going first to Laurel Bank girls’ school in Glasgow and then,

at the age of 13, to Benenden in Kent.

In 1956 she went to St Hilda’s College, Oxford,

to read modern history and instantly become a leading light

in university theatre.

I myself had a minor role in McGrath’s adaptation

of Aristophanes’ The Birds in which she was a spectacularly

glamorous goddess.

At Oxford she also appeared in revue with Dudley Moore,

Alan Bennett and Ken Loach and was a memorably sensual

Molly Bloom in an adaptation of Joyce’s Ulysses.

Elizabeth MacLennan obituary,
Monday 29 June 2015
17.42 BST,






The Trick of Life


APRIL 5, 2014

The New York Times



SEVEN years into writing a novel,

I started to lose my mind.

My thirty-seventh birthday had just come and gone,

the end of 2008 was approaching,

and I was constantly aware

of how little I had managed to accomplish.

The Trick of Life,









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