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Bob Gorrell




27 August 2010


















Mike Lane

political cartoon

Baltimore, Maryland

The Baltimore Sun


















Health campaigners say it is implicated

in tens of thousands of strokes and heart attacks each year.

Now the government wants to persuade us all to eat less of it.

But is salt really as bad for us as the health lobby insists?

Sarah Boseley and Tim Radford investigate

Against the grain, G, 15.9.2004,






Figures show that

as many as 40% of divorced fathers

lose contact with their children.

Stunts by angry fathers dressed as

action figures scaling bridges and buildings

have moved the issue up the agenda.

New access plan for fathers:

Pilot project aims to end squabbling
between separated parents over time spent with children, G, 17.2.2004,






Rats injected with the same factor,

known as IGF-1, grew bigger muscles.

When the rats were subjected to weight training,

the genetically treated muscle gained

twice as much strength as the animal's uninjected muscle.

Gene cheats: the new risk posed to world sport, G, 17.2.2004,






And so it has been, all but for a week,

within its $860m (£490m) budget.

The Queen Mary 2 is as high as Notre Dame Cathedral

and as long as four football fields

- or as long as the Eiffel Tower is tall.

It is the largest liner ever built,

displacing 150,000 gross tons,

but, at 30 knots, also the fastest.

'Bloody Mary', the biggest, fastest, smartest ship sets sail, IoS, 14.12.2003,






He's Hollywood's most busted bad boy,

as famous for his brushes with drugs and prison

as for his extraordinary talent.

But now, thanks to his old friend Mel Gibson,

he has his first lead role since his 1999 court appearance.

Mim Udovitch charts the highs and low life of Robert Downey Jr

Dirty but clean, O, 9.11.2003,







as graceful and remarkable as any creature that ever took flight,

landed on a cold, afternoon at Heathrow for the last time,

and, with it, went every idea that the improbable was possible.

    At 4.07pm, one of the world's most exotic birds became extinct, I, 25.10.2003,






George Clooney: 'I haven't had much luck lately ...'


After a string of flops,

George Clooney could have a hit on his hands with Intolerable Cruelty.

But, he tells Leslie Felperin, he's as wary of Hollywood as ever

    Headline and §1, I, web edition, 20.3.2003.






Martin Amis's return to fiction,

following his diversion into history with Koba the Dread,

had hit the headlines before publication.

But was Yellow Dog as bad as the pre-publicity suggested?

    Review of reviews, Critics despair of an Amis horribilis, GI, p. 18, 9.9.2003.






Infectious diseases are in the news. Here are reports on four of them.

First malaria,

which kills ten times as many people a day as SARS has killed in total

(...) In eastern and southern Africa,

malaria mortality among children under five

was nearly twice as high in the 1990s as in the previous decade.

Four horsemen of the Apocalypse?, sub headline and article, p. 73, E, 3. 5. 2003.










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