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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe > propositions (SVO)


clivées > What N + beverbe + N





proposition non clivée :


my party needs a strategic vision





proposition clivée :


What my party needs is a strategic vision   










Stephen Byers:

What my party needs is a strategic vision   

Headline, IoS, 28.12.2003,






"What we did not know was what was going on

in the visual system that was causing this to happen."

Skiing is believing for man who regained his sight, GI, p. 6, 25.8.2003.






"What we're seeing is a more complex and dynamic

crack cocaine market than had previously been thought"

said an NCIS spokeswoman.

Drug gang warning by police: Yardie violence spreads across UK,
    GI, p. 1, 14.6.2003.






Alex Renton, an Oxfam spokesman, said:

"We're waiting on four borders in order to get in there...

what we need now is a serious effort made to bring

this breakdown in law and order under control."

Sliding towards anarchy, GE, p. 1, 11.4.2003.






What Sendo is claiming is that it was misled by Microsoft,

which promised that it wanted to develop mobile phones together,

but instead took its trade secrets and used them

behind its back to produce phones by itself.

The curious case of the Z100:
Microsoft is accused by UK firm of tapping into its secrets, I, p. 3, 7.1.2003.










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