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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe


adverbe / groupe adverbial > Groupe Verbal




adverbe + doauxiliaire + Nsujet + Base Verbale




adverbe + beauxiliaire + Nsujet + verbeau participe passé




adverbe + auxiliaire modal + Nsujet + Base Verbale































Not until the early 1950s

was evidence gathered

that smoking causes lung cancer


When was the link between smoking and cancer established?

The Guardian        Life        p. 2        2.6.2005

















The Guardian        Work        p. 8        3 December 2005
















The Rules on Stem Cells


March 16, 2009
The New York Times


No sooner

[ groupe adverbial ]


had President Obama lifted the Bush-era restrictions

on financing embryonic stem cell research than critics began urging

that any federal support be limited to work

with stem cells derived from surplus embryos at fertility clinics.

That would be a mistake.

The guidelines should define the eligible research

as broadly as possible to allow the greatest potential for advances.

[ ... ]

The Rules on Stem Cells, NYT, 16.3.2009,






Stimulus Plan

Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education


January 28, 2009
The New York Times


WASHINGTON — The economic stimulus plan

that Congress has scheduled for a vote on Wednesday

would shower the nation’s school districts,

child care centers and university campuses

with $150 billion in new federal spending,

a vast two-year investment that would more than double

the Department of Education’s current budget.


[ ... ]

In higher education,

the bill would increase spending on Pell Grants,

the most important federal student aid program,

to $27 billion from about $19 billion this year.

“It’s a very good idea to increase Pell Grants in the stimulus,”

said Terry Hartle,

a senior vice president for public affairs

at the American Council on Education,

which represents colleges and universities.

But Mr. Hartle said that even he was having difficulty tracking

all the new spending. “A lot of things will go through, and

only later

[ adverbes ]


will we know exactly what happened,”

he said.

Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education, NYT, 28.1.2009,










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