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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe > propositions infinitives


for + forme nominale + toviseur -> Base Verbale (actif)


It’s not for me to say.





for + forme nominale + toviseur -> beauxiliaire + verbeau participe passé (passif)


The European commission yesterday

cleared the way

for Railtrack to be taken over

by state-backed Network Rail






Cette structure se traduit, suivant les énoncés,

par le subjonctif ou par une infinitive.



For = pour que / que / à



It’s not for me to say.

    BBC Radio 4.






Disappointed Iraqis wait

for US troops to leave

    Headline, GW, p. 3, 10-16.7.2003.






A diplomat became "a British Oskar Schindler",

saving the lives of 1,000 Jews by issuing visas

for them to flee to the colony of Mauritius,

according to the files of the wartime Chief Rabbi.

'British Schindler' saved 1,000 Jews from Nazis, T, p. 6, 5.4.2002.






"For the film-makers to have him smoking

is a completely astounding U-turn on the decision

not to let him smoke in the last film," he whines.

    No smoke without fire, I Review, p. 7, 20.11.2002.
    (007 is seen at one point puffing a cigar in the latest Bond movie.)






For a sea "surge" like that of 1953 to recur,

it requires high on-shore winds and low pressure,

which were not forecast on Monday.

    High anxiety, GE2, p. 12, 9.10.2002.






The European commission yesterday cleared the way

for Railtrack to be taken over

by state-backed Network Rail

when it approved the sale of the insolvent rail

operator’s stake in the Channel tunnel rail link.

    EC clears way for takeover of Railtrack, GE, p. 11, 19.9.2002.






Chirac backs 3-week deadline

for inspectors to return

    Headline, GE, p. 3, 10.9.2002.






A top security expert has warned frequent flyers

that it would take at least two years

for airports to implement full security measures.

Airport fail to arrive at consensus on security, T, Business pullout, p. 32, 2.5.2002.






But I also think it’s wrong

for one people to oppress another.

Growing ranks…, GW, p. 7, 14.2 ?.2002.






In the countryside, it was a different story.

The government was keen for people to vote

in the belief there is either genuine support

for Mr Mugabe

among the very poor or that months of violence

and intimidation will have made people too afraid

to vote against him.

We won’t move from here till we vote’, GE, p. 1, 11.3.2002.






Poisoned apple for teacher :

It is time for heads and troops to settle

Headline, TG, p. 13, 11.3.2002.






The move comes as teachers in the south-east

stage a one-day strike tomorrow for more pay

to reflect the higher cost of living in the region.

Secret plan for flexible public pay, GE, p. 1, 13.3.2002.






A married Premier League footballer

who had flings with two women

faces being named at midnight tonight

after failing in an extraordinary 11th-hour plea

to Lord Woolf, the lord chief justice,

for his identity to remain secret.

Footballer in privacy case to be named, GE, p. 1, 29.3.2002.






« The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil

is for good people to do nothing. »

Who does not remember Burke’s words ?

Triumph of evil, T Business, p. 35, 24.4.2002.










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