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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe


propositions interrogatives indirectes


proposition interrogative directe

(= je pose une question directe) :


who is he?





proposition principale


proposition interrogative indirecte :


I don't know who he is




I'll just let him snooze awhile!...

Then wake him...

and make him tell who he is and where he's from!


Steve Roper and Mike Nomad        by Fran Matera

King Features        21.8.2004















The Spirit of America


November 5, 2012
The New York Times


NEW YORK — Four years ago,

on the eve of the victory of Obama in the 2008 election,

I attempted to define

what America is.


The Spirit of America,
NYT, 5.11.2012,






Parents worried about

where their children are

will be able to check up on them using technology

that can locate their mobile phones,

under new industry guidelines released yesterday.

The code of practice has been drawn up

by the five British mobile networks in conjunction

with the Home Office, police and children's charities.

It also allows firms to sell services based

on data that locates the position of a mobile user.

Several firms are planning to offer services

which parents can use to find out

whether their children are at school or out

with their friends.

Mobiles to let parents keep a track on children, first §§, G, 25.9.2004,










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