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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe


inversions / déplacements


Objet  -  Sujet  -  Verbe


'In the US, who you kill

is more important than who you are'





Base Verbale (BV)  -  O  -  S  -  Modal (MOD)





Adjectif  -  S  -  V





Adverbe  -  MOD -  S  -  Base Verbale




The Guardian        p. 4        27.5.2005



















Jeff Parker        Florida Today / Cagle



















The Guardian        p. 16        25 June 2007




























David Aaronovitch

Michael Moore this ain't.

I went to the play

worrying that all the praise heaped upon Hare

by anti-war simplifiers and theatrical amateur politicians

portended yet another silly and vulgar oil 'n spin

conspiracy saga.

I was completely wrong,

and really ought to have known better.

But I don't think I was the only one;

some in the audience were obviously disappointed

that instead of a festival of self-affirmation,

what they got was something far more complex

and ambivalent.

For or against? : Whatever the critics make of it, David Hare's Stuff Happens is undeniably one of the cultural events of the year - a remarkable dramatisation of the events that led to the war in Iraq. We assembled an expert panel, including politicians, leading commentators and a man who actually fought there, to give their verdicts live from the first night, G, 3.9.2004,






'In the US, who you kill

is more important than who you are'


Clive Stafford Smith quit journalism for law

to try to save Americans on death row.

Now, after 26 years of tireless campaigning,

he tells Diane Taylor why he's coming home

Headline and sub, G, 29.6.2004,










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