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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe et valeurs discursives


toviseur -> Base Verbale    ≠    topréposition (reprise) + N



fiction du jamais-dit,

montage / mise en scène de l'inédit,


sortie du continuum discursif


toviseur -> Base Verbale


Brown acts to stop...





continuum discursif, déjà dit,


d'une séquence déjà assemblée / montée


topréposition (reprise) + N


the road to ruin












Forme nominale

( N, GN, N-ing, GN-ing, pronom )






The Guardian        G2        p. 4        3 December 2008

















The Guardian        p. 1        4 December 2008


















The Guardian        p. 1        3 December 2008
















toviseur -> Base Verbale (BV)


I'm to blame










toviseur -> ellipse ( Ø ) de la Base Verbale










toviseur -> (Base Verbale + and + Base Verbale)










N + toviseur -> adverbe -> Base Verbale


the decision to electronically tag her










Vpassif + toviseur -> Base Verbale










for + N + to -> Base Verbale










Nobject + Nsubject + V + topréposition


a comic book hero we can relate to












Nsubject + V + Nobject + toviseur -> Base Verbale










topréposition + N


To Battle, Armed With Shares










N + topréposition + N


Student was on phone to mother

as murderer struck on Thai beach










adjectif + topréposition + N

















Sun sport frontpage        14.6.2004

http://www.thesun.co.uk/section/0,,1,00.html - broken link














I'm telling you this is a winner!

Dec 31 '02



So much hilarious material

by the "King of Nothing", Q A period at end


Some bits you have toviseur relate  topréposition toviseur appreciate

- broken link



Ci-dessus, 3 to se succèdent :


1 - toviseur -> Base Verbale


GV > verbeconjugué + toviseur -> Base Verbale :

have toviseur -> relate.




2 - préposition du verbe prépositionnel relate topréposition


Nobjet antéposé

Some bits you have toviseur relate topréposition.


Nobjet antéposé > Plus d'explications sur cette structure :


proposition affirmative >

préposition en fin de séquence




3 - toviseur


toviseur -> Base Verbale

toviseur -> appreciate).







Student was on phone to mother

as murderer struck on Thai beach


Wednesday January 4, 2006

The Guardian

John Aglionby,

south-east Asia correspondent and Sam Jones


The mother of a British backpacker

who was murdered on a beach in Thailand

was speaking to her daughter when she was attacked,

it emerged last night.

The body of Katherine Horton, 21, a student from Cardiff,

was found floating off the Thai resort of Koh Samui

on Monday morning.

Student was on phone to mother as murderer struck on Thai beach,






To Battle, Armed With Shares


January 4, 2006

The New York Times



Two months ago, a little-known investor demanded that the publisher of The Miami Herald and The Philadelphia Inquirer be put up for sale. Just 14 days later, after several other investors also emerged with the same demand, the board of the publisher, Knight Ridder, gave in and put the company on the block.

Unlike the 1980's, when such challenges might be resisted at all costs, today corporate boards are adjusting to a new reality: the activist investor, armed with a handful of shares and a megaphone, is changing corporate America and the deal-making landscape.

It is happening at big and small companies everywhere. At Time Warner, the media giant, the billionaire financier Carl C. Icahn has pressed the company to buy back billions of dollars more of its shares - and Time Warner has done so to some extent, although without crediting Mr. Icahn. At Six Flags, the amusement park company, Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins football team, pushed the company to put itself up for sale and he then took over the board.

To Battle, Armed With Shares, NYT, 4.1.2006,






To Reading and Writing,

Add Sweating and Sweltering


Science projects went awry yesterday,

with petri dishes sprouting bacteria

that were supposed to grow only in incubators.

Teachers assigned the essay topic

"Why We Should Have Air-Conditioning."

Others set three-second time limits at water fountains.

Still others spritzed their students with water

and handed out ice in little cups.

At the Clinton School for Writers and Artists in Chelsea, Julie Patz, the principal's secretary, took classroom temperatures: in room 506, it reached 103. "I have children who are passing out," Ms. Patz said. "This is not education."

Downstairs, in the sweltering auditorium of Public School 11, Kenia Checo, 11, in matching pink T-shirt and dress, didn't feel like singing "Shining Star," by Earth, Wind and Fire, one of the rehearsal songs for her graduation on Friday. Wiping perspiration from under her left eye, her lower lip quivering, she said, "I don't feel like doing anything."

Headline and first §§, NYT, 15.6.2005,






MIAMI (Reuters) - The first tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season lashed northwest Florida and the Alabama coast with high winds and heavy rain on Saturday, cutting power to several thousand people.

Tropical Storm Arlene plowed into the U.S. Gulf Coast near the Alabama-Florida border, close to
where one of last season's hurricanes delivered a much more powerful and devastating hit.

Soon after Arlene moved ashore, its maximum winds were down to
50 mph (80 kph) from 70 mph (112 kph) earlier in the day as it churned north.

    Tropical Storm Arlene plows into U.S. Gulf Coast, R, Sat Jun 11, 2005 7:00 PM ET,






What to do

when borrowing bubble bursts


As specialists predict

many more people suffering debt problems in the coming months,

Neasa MacErlean finds out how to handle creditors

Headline and sub, O, 5.6.2005,






Journey to the centre of Earth


Japanese scientists are to explore the centre of the Earth.

Using a giant drill ship launched next month,

the researchers aim to be the first

to punch a hole through the rocky crust that covers our planet

and to reach the mantle below.

The team wants to retrieve samples from the mantle, six miles down,

to learn more about what triggers undersea earthquakes,

such as the one off Sumatra that caused the Boxing Day tsunami.

They hope to study the deep rocks and mud

for records of past climate change

and to see if the deepest regions of Earth could harbour life.

Headline and first §§, 4.6.2005,






Tony Juniper:

Aviation is fastest-growing source

of C02 emissions


To fly or not to fly? Many of us facing a long journey, or even a short one, would not even consider the question. Cheaper flights to ever-more destinations prove irresistible to the travelling public, while business travel is seen as inevitable in a global market place.

But increased demand for flights threatens the future of our planet. Aviation is the fastest-growing source of carbon dioxide emissions, the biggest cause of climate change. And because the pollution is released at a high altitude, it has a greater impact.

Extreme climate events have already become more frequent. In 2003, the heatwave in Europe resulted in 26,000 premature deaths and cost $13.5bn (£7.5bn). Around the world, climate change already kills 160,000 people every year.

At home, the risk of droughts, floods, and freak storms is expected to increase. Sea levels are rising, with forecasters predicting an increase of 88cm by 2100. If carbon dioxide emissions do not peak and then decline within the next 10 to 15 years, scientists say, the result may be an abrupt change in climate, with devastating consequences.

Ken Livingstone revealed yesterday that he has drawn up contingency plans to take control of the London Eye, thus safeguarding the future of one of the capital's most iconic landmarks.

Headline and first §§, I, 28.5.2005,






The mayor of London intervened to end speculation

that the giant wheel may have to move

because of plans by the landlord, the South Bank Centre,

to greatly increase the rent.

Mayor may take control of Eye, first §§, G, 26.5.2005,






Internet guide shows ethical shoppers

how to keep their consciences clear


Shopping can be a nightmare

for the time-poor but guilt-rich consumer with a conscience.

Notorious global corporations may lurk

behind seemingly innocuous household goods,

while choosing the wrong make of mobile phone

can leave you with unwanted links to the arms trade.

With ethical shopping now a booming business in Britain,

a new website has been set up to give

concerned customers an instant positive or negative verdict

on goods ranging from toothpaste to dog food.

Headline andf §1, I, 21.5.2005,






When to go?

The future for Blair and Brown


Why the chancellor's supporters would like the prime minister

to quit - but not just yet

Tony Blair returned to the steps of Downing Street yesterday lunchtime looking a little more confident than he did on the emotional rollercoaster in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Clearly trying to stabilise his own position, he stressed the harsh lessons he had learned on the campaign trail. "I think I have a very clear idea of what the British people now expect of this government for a third term," he said.

Without setting out how long he will stay, he talked of the full political agenda ahead of him: help for first time buyers, work-life balance, reform of the public services to maintain backing for a universal welfare state, incapacity benefit and pensions reform.

Headline, sub and first §§, G, 7.5.2005,






At the weekend,

Tony Blair likened

his relationship with the British public to a marriage,

admitting that he had made some mistakes,

but insisting that the spark can be rekindled.

David Aaronovitch imagines what's really being said

as the crockery flies

We can make this marriage work, G, 15.2.2005,






Tearful Kerry

leaves best speech to the bitter end

Headline, G, 4.11.2004,






To quit Iraq now

would be as shocking as the invasion


Max Hastings: If the prime minister is serious,

our troops will be there for a decade

Headline and sub, G, 4.10.2004,






Sorrowful Blair

urges unity in face of Iraq terror threat


· PM praises 'dignified' Bigley family

and warns of media manipulation

· Battle against rebels

compared to dark days of Second World War


Tony Blair yesterday disclosed his 'immense' sorrow

for the plight of the hostage Kenneth Bigley.

But he issued a powerful plea

for the nation to back his firm stance against the uprising in Iraq

or risk fuelling global terrorism.

In his first public comments

since the harrowing tape was broadcast of Bigley

pleading for the Prime Minister to save him,

Blair warned of the kidnappers' ability

to 'manipulate the modern media',

which he admitted left politicians in a difficult position.

Headline, subs and first §§,






UK Muslims fly to Iraq in bid to save hostage


A delegation of British Muslims was today preparing

to fly to Baghdad to try and save

the life of the hostage Kenneth Bigley, the Guardian has learned.

The two will tomorrow meet with senior Iraqi religious leaders

and ask them to do all they can

to save the life of the British contractor,

whose captors have threatened to behead him.

Headline and first §§,
G, 24.9.2004,






Walkers ready to claim their right to roam


100 square miles of Peak District moor,

heath and mountain to be opened up

as Countryside Act rolls out across England and Wales

The track over Hallam moor, above Sheffield, is a public footpath that crosses some of the most exhilarating, windswept upland in England. There are views to Derwent and Strines moors to the north, Ughill to the east, and the heather-clad peaks of Winnow and Kinder Scout far to the west.

It is a windswept, top-of-the-world place, the closest England has to wilderness, but it is practically all forbidden country. Step off the track in any direction, walk in the heather, strike out to the peaks, or to the old standing stones, bronze age settlements or isolated tors, and a gamekeeper or landowner can tell you to leave.

Terry Howard, secretary to the Sheffield campaign for access to moorland (Scam) and chairman of the local ramblers, is not bothered.

Walkers ready to claim their right to roam,
sub and first §§, 31.8.2004,






Dear Mita,

Recently, my parents got divorced and I am still having a hard time dealing with it. I feel like I am constantly struggling to come to terms with the separation and the effect it has had, not only internally (within my family) but also externally, with the society and people I have every day contact with. Also, because my parents are not on speaking terms, and still harbour resentment and anger towards each other, I am forced to take the role of the messenger and the middle-man. They always involve me in their fights, although I constantly tell them not to. I feel torn between three worlds. The first is the world that I had with both my parents; the second is my world with my mom and the third is the one that my dad has. I have no room for my own life. I don't know whether you can really help me. You will only say that I should talk to a relative or talk to my parents. But the reality is that there is no solution to my problem. Divorce is a taboo word in our society and there is no one I can talk to who will understand. Still, I don't know what else to do.

    Daily Star Weekend Magazine, Vol 1 Num 103, 3.5.2003,






A woman left infertile after cancer treatment

has been unsuccessful

in a bid to overturn a High Court decision

that she cannot use her frozen embryos

to try and have a child.

    Cancer victim's bid to use frozen embryos fail, DMa, 25.6.2004,






A criminologist working on the Big Brother reality TV show has quit,

comparing the contestants to English football hooligans.

David Wilson, of the University of Central England,

said he was no longer willing to "lend his credibility"

to the programme after a drunken brawl erupted earlier this week.

"It seemed to me to be an ethical decision to either stay or to go,"

Professor Wilson told Channel 4 news last night.

"When it was quite clear that some of the advice I had given ...

hadn't been listened to,

it was at that point I thought I should go."

Big Brother adviser quits over 'hooliganism', G, 19.6.2004,






"To function well in the UK and Europe

requires a decent amount of local content,"

said Sam Shemtob, of the Association of Independent Music,

which represents 800 independent labels in Britain.

Independent artists make up 25% of the UK market.

"We are all very keen on iTunes.

We are as eager as anyone to license our music to them,

but it has to be at an appropriate competitive rate."

Welcome to music's online future:
Apple's iTunes digital store opens in UK - but with big gaps on the shelves,
G, 16.6.2004,






M&S shareholders are set for a property windfall,

as its vast freehold estate is expected to be revalued

at close to £4 billion.

M&S's £4bn trump card:
Property revaluation could bring bonanza for shareholders,






Science spending 'to double in a decade'


The chancellor, Gordon Brown,

is planning to more than double

the science and innovation budget

over a 10-year period, according to reports today.

Headline, G, 10.6.2004,






Interest rates raised to 4.5%

Headline, G, 10.6.2004,






Police [ is ] to monitor internet chat rooms


Police around the world

are planning to monitor internet chat rooms

to stop paedophiles from using them

to ensnare child victims,

the National Crime Squad (NCS)

announced today.

Headline, G, 9.8.2004,






Homage to the dead   

Headline, G, 13.4.2004,




Who's to blame?

The long search

for clues to blasts begins

Headline, G, 13.3.2004,






To die in Madrid

Headline, G, 13.3.2004,






Drive launched to cut

number of women prisoners


A scheme to reduce the number of women in prison

and tackle the causes of women's offending

has been unveiled by the prisons minister, Paul Goggins.

Headline and sub, G, 12.3.2004,






The California supreme court last night ordered officials

in San Francisco to immediately stop

granting same-sex marriage licences,

delivering a blow to gay rights advocates in the United States.

California court blocks gay marriages, G, 12.3.2004,






The true cost to homebuyers of the mortgage endowments crisis

now stands at £40bn and this is likely to worsen

over the coming years,

according to a damning report from MPs yesterday

which called for urgent action from the government,

regulators and the industry.

MPs attack endowment scandal as homebuyers face £40bn shortfall, G, 11.3.2004,






Hain's attack on Labour:

a party closed to new ideas

Headline, G, 10.3.2004,






Move to curb parents' right to smack   

O, 7.3.2004,






The former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix

weighed into the controversy over weapons of mass destruction

yesterday when he accused Tony Blair and George Bush

of behaving like insincere salesmen

who "exaggerated" intelligence

in an attempt toviseur win support for war.

Blix says war leaders acted like salesmen,
G, 9.2.2004,






There's a basic answer topréposition the problem

of spiralling house prices - building more new homes,

says Victor Keegan

Weapons of mass construction, G, 6.2.2004,






Maxine Carr will be freed from prison immediately

if the Prison Service chief, Martin Narey,

approves the decision toviseur electronically tag her,

it was confirmed today.

Carr 'could be freed immediately', G / PA, 6.2.2004,






Toviseur mark the turn of the year,

we spot the musical talent

that is most likely toviseur break through in the coming months.

By Alexis Petridis, Dave Simpson and Dorian Lynskey

Future sounds, G, 2.1.2004,






Children born from donated sperm

will be given the right toviseur trace

their biological fathers under government plans

expected toviseur be announced next week

Sperm donor children win right to trace their fathers,
T, sub, web frontpage, 17.1.2004.






President Bush’s grandiose ambitions

toviseur send astronauts topréposition the Moon and Mars

have finally given the International Space Station

a sense of purpose

Space station to be transit lounge for Mars,
T, sub, web frontpage, 17.1.2004.






Because of its size and the effort involved

in travelling large distances through trees,

it does not travel very far each day

and it uses its intelligence and knowledge of the forest

toviseur find food.

It is thought that an orang-utan can recognise

up topréposition 200 edible plants.

toviseur destroy the forest is

toviseur destroy the animal's whole world.

Two decades, and counting:
The old man of the forest is facing a quick demise,
I, 12.1.2004,






Nick Brown:

'I'm still loyal topréposition Tony Blair,'

insists the former chief whip

who may yet be the Prime Minister's nemesis

Headline, I, 12.1.2004,






BEIJING (Reuters) -

Doctors from the World Health Organization

scoured on Sunday an apartment building

where China's only confirmed new SARS case lived,

looking for clues as topréposition how the 32-year-old man

caught the flu-like virus.

WHO Scours China TV Producer's Flat for SARS Clues,
Sun January 11, 2004 04:06 AM ET, R,






Future fashion:

who to look out for in 2004 

Ad, FT web frontpage, 4.1.2004






Where to put your cash this year

Headline, I, 3.1.2004,






To boldly go

in search of comets and Mars secrets


The second act opens before dawn tomorrow, 100m miles from Earth, when Spirit, a US robot rover the size of golf buggy, hurtles through the thin atmosphere and bounces to a halt on the parched deserts of Mars, to begin a search for water on the arid planet.

The third act of the drama is revealed later that day when a European spacecraft called Mars Express completes a series of huge elliptical swings around the red planet and settles down to a steady polar orbit which will allow it to probe the secrets of the Martian air and rock.

But even before it starts to send back valuable data, Mars Express has a more urgent role: to make contact with its baby, Beagle 2, the tiny British lander that it carried for six months and then pushed gently towards a dusty basin near the Martian equator just before Christmas.

Headline and §§, G, 3.1.2004,






American splendor:

a comic book hero

we can relate topréposition

Ad, G web frontpage, 2.1.2004.







WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Britain and Mexico

canceled flights to the United States

while U.S. warplanes have been tailing in-bound Air France flights

for fear attackers might try to crash them into American targets,

U.S. officials said on Thursday.

Flights Canceled, Tailed by Jets on U.S. Terror Fears,
Thu January 1, 2004 11:26 PM ET, R,






International effort helps bring

vision of a better life topréposition cataract sufferers

Headline, I, 1.1.2004,







Six stars to watch in Euro 2004

Ad, G web frontpage, 1.1.2004







The volumes to look out for in 2004

Ad, G web frontpage, 1.1.2004






From Pepys topréposition peaks...

Headline, G,






The A topréposition Z of writing

Headline, G, 27.12.2003,






Heath feared US plan to invade Gulf


Ted Heath's government feared

- at the height of the 1973 oil crisis -

that the White House was planning to invade Saudi Arabia

and the Gulf to secure fuel supplies,

according topréposition Downing Street files released today.

Headline and sub, G, 1.1.2004,






Kill a rat


And 100 other things to do this year

Headline and sub, G, 1.1.2004






To Grab Young Readers,

Newspapers Print Free, Jazzy Editions

NYT, p. C23, 1.12.2003.















The Guardian        p. 7        31 August 2004















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Traduction > pour



Expression du but > toviseur / topréposition



topréposition + N    ≠    toviseur -> Base Verbale



Groupe nominal > N + topréposition + N




proposition affirmative avec Nobjet antéposé >

préposition en fin de séquence



groupe verbal

suites verbales avec ou sans toviseur




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